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"It's a graveyard for the arrogant..." --Barakavec (335)
This article is about removed content, an article of a subject that is no longer available in TERA and very unlikely to ever return due to development decisions. The article remains here for historical purposes.
Title Dark Claw Warlord
Race Orcan
Level 8
Health Danica, ek is lief vir jou!!
Classification Normal
Location Arun Heights

Acharak is one of the enemies in the game TERA. It is a variant of the Orcans.

Location Edit


This beast is a bloodthirsty warrior. He used to be the scourge of the great ranches of Celestial Hills. His cruelty and ruthlessness are matched only by his intelligence. He is a skilled alchemist who is extremely proficient in incendiaries but, once frustrated, will wield a devastating mace.

Attacks Edit

  • swings at you with his club
  • whirls his club around; AoE damage around himself with a high chance to knock down

Defenses Edit

  • can sidestep slow attacks
  • can jump back to make distance

Weaknesses Edit

  • Orcan Guardians only swing their clubs from (their) right to left. You can continue to avoid their swings by staying on their right side.
  • When they are performing the club-whirling attack (and you can tell it's coming when their eyes suddenly gleam red), they are completely vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Notes Edit

Quests Edit

Acharak is the objective of the following quests:

Drops Edit

One of the following:
List of Drops
Slightly Used Krymail

Chain-wrapped Gauntlets
Woodsman's Greaves
Hauberk of the First Expedition
Gauntlets of the First Expedition
Greaves of the First Expedition

Crisping Cuirass
Supple Workgloves
Trapper's Snagged Boots
Cuirass of the First Expedition
Gloves of the First Expedition
Boots of the First Expedition
Festive Embroidered Tunic
Disciple's Sleeves
Footpad's Slippers
Robe of the First Expedition
Sleeves of the First Expedition
Shoes of the First Expedition

One of the following:
List of Drops
Lofty Bloodguard
Lance of the First Expedition
Unknown [edit] Pileated Axe

Axe of the First Expedition

Unknown [edit] Straightened Claw
Greatsword of the First Expedition
Silent & Deadly
Twin Swords of the First Expedition
Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Repeater Strafe

Bow of the First Expedition

Unknown [edit] Twisting Laughter

Disc of the First Expedition

Furcula Struth
Scepter of the First Expedition
Staff of Hope
Staff of the First Expedition

One of the following:
List of Drops
Gilded Wooden Carving

Lucky Clover Earring
Wonder Ring
Arunic Panacea
Speed Potion
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll
Scroll of Resurrection
Krymetal Ore
Sun Essence
Verdra Fibers
Paverune of Arun
Paverune of Shara

Bugs Edit

There is a frequent bug on Channel 1 where Acharak and his mions would reset during the fight. If this is happening to you, simply move to another channel (by click on the "Ch. 1" button at the top right corner of your screen near your minimap).

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