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|zone = Wyrmgorge
|zone = Wyrmgorge
|subzone = Zaeltarazad Shrine
|subzone = Zaeltarazad Shrine
'''Akeron's Inferno''' is 10-man raid [[Dungeon|dungeon]] for level 65 players.
'''Akeron's Inferno''' is 10-man raid [[Dungeon|dungeon]] for level 65 players.

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Akeron's Inferno
Akeron's Inferno
Continent Southern Shara
Province Val Elenium
Zone Wyrmgorge
Sub-Zone Zaeltarazad Shrine

Akeron's Inferno is 10-man raid dungeon for level 65 players.

Dungeon was released in July 2015. It was removed in December 2015 and is currently not available.[1] Dungeon originally dropped Wroth and Schisma gear and hard mode Schisma gear and materials for Lucid gear.[2]

Hard mode of dungeon was released as event dungeon in EU servers in July 2017.[3] However, this release was missing one of the key mechanics on last boss, which made it much easier to clear than previously.

Dungeon has unique background music.[4]


Akeron is yet-another god locked into his prison under a mountain in Wyrmgorge. There seems to be no mentions of him elsewhere.

Dungeon includes eastern egg that is part of achievement Putting the Pieces Together. Player can find Seir, Zolyn and certain popori mechanic among Valkyon troops in dungeon. This hints that the discovery of Akeron's Inferno happened before Vanguard Initiative expedition to Northern Arun.

Dungeon Denizens Edit

Bosses Edit

  • Magnarox (Fimbrilisk)
  • Sammar-Sarral (Hydrant)
  • Darumag (Smoldering Moloch)
  • Duras (rockman)

References Edit

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