Alchemy is a crafting skill in TERA that allows players to create dyes, potions and other useful items.

Alchemy requires a variety of different items that be acquired by energy harnessing and purchasing items from NPCs.

There are 20 different alchemy recipes sorted into four categories for players to learn and craft. They are: Jewels, Potions, Additives and Dyes.

Players are initially only able to learn and craft recipes that require a alchemy skill of 300 or less, which limits a player to only seven recipes. When a player reaches a alchemy skill of 500 they are able to take an Artisan Test which, once completed, will enable a player to learn and craft more advanced level recipes.

Alchemy Products Edit

Jewels Potions Additives Dyes Alchemical Stone
Prime Battle Solution
Health Potion
Rejuvenation Potion
Divine Infusion
Bravery Potion
Alchemy Reagent I
Alchemy Reagent II
Smelting Reagent I
Smelting Reagent II
Processing Reagent I
Processing Reagent II
Etching Reagent I
Etching Reagent II
Handmade Munsell Dye Bundle
Premium Handmade Munsell Dye Bundle
Veteran Apothecary Dye
Evolution Core

History of Alchemy Edit

Alchemy was originally used to craft Potions, Elixirs, and Scrolls used to heal players and give them buffs. Alchemists lost the ability to craft those items with the introduction of Prime Battle Solutions, Prime Recovery Potables, Prime Replenishment Potables, and others.

When the Guardian Gear System was introduced, the ability to craft Emeralds and Diamonds, which are used in enchanting, was added.

In December 2018 there was a major update to the crafting and gathering systems in TERA, which changed the Alchemy skill into what it is today[1].

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