Arcadia Province
Continent Southern Arun

Arcadia is one of the provinces of the Southern Arun continent. This logging and farming region has grown increasingly hazardous for travelers and residents alike. The hazards are many: kulkari uprisings, deva incursions, a war between loggers and the fey races, and the emergence of a cult calling itself the Scions of Lok. The argon front consumes soldiers like some great beast, so the Valkyon Federation needs you in Arcadia to do what those soldiers no longer can.


Forests and rolling grasslands are the dominant landscapes of this northern province of Southern Arun. Its lumber and cattle producers have long been vital to the economy of the region and more recently to the argon war effort. But federation soldiers are needed elsewhere, so local enemies such as the kulkaris and devas are gaining ground.

Arcadia seasons new characters fresh off the Island of Dawn and introduces them to important pieces of the storyline while they improve their skills. When you complete this province, you’ll be about level 25 and ready to move on to darker, more dangerous places.


Arcadia is the northernmost province in Southern Arun. Its forests and ranches have traditionally been vital to the economy of Velika and, more recently, to the argon war effort.

Human loggers in Northern Arcadia have always had a delicate relationship with the faerie races, but in recent times this has escalated to a near-constant insurgency. What federation forces can be spared from the war struggle to keep supply routes open and the citizenry safe, but Kulkari and deva raids on human strongholds have made this once-peaceful agricultural and farming region into a perilous place for travelers and residents alike.

In the southwest part of the province, a verdant swampland has become home to the tuwangis—a culture that depends on frogs for sustenance, clothing, housing, and communication. Once reasonably peaceful, they have recently become antagonistic to anyone who ventures inside Tuwangi Mire.

Major TownsEdit

Level Range by ZoneEdit

Notable BAMsEdit

Name Species Location
Garash Bloodtusk Boar Fey Forest
Arakia Ovolith Valley of Titans
Lanok Giant Oblivion Woods
Nakarash Naga Celestial Hills
Barraq Kumas Celestial Hills
Garangka Frog Tuwangi Mire

Instanced DungeonsEdit

Harvestable Resources: Edit

  • Fey Forest
    • Apple tree
    • Wild Veridia (veridia root)
    • Plain Stone
    • Harmony Grass
    • Cobala Ore