Armor Crystals are types of crystals, equippable by all players, that go to armor crystal slots. A piece of chest armor can have four crystal slots. Crystals can be obtained from various methods, including Crystal Merchants, other players via direct trade or via the Brokerage, or enemy drops. Vanguard Initiative merchant sells Niveot crystals for Vanguard credits.

Since from TERA early days crystals are simplified. First we saw introduction of crystals affecting all types of monsters (bosses, normal monster and minions) and later even all old crystals were changed to affect all types of monsters. Therefore Hardy is only crystal recommended for PvE like dungeons. For PvP 4×Relentless is generally used.

List of Armor Crystal Prefixes and Meanings[]

The following is a list of the prefixes of the armor crystals found in the game. Each of these crystals can be found in the different levels of crystals (Rhomb, Cabochan, Hexage, Pentant, Concach, Crux, and Niveot) and can also be common or uncommon varieties. Hence, the list below does not list the numeric value for each possible crystal.

  • Anarchic - Decrease damage by X% from bosses.
  • Empyrean - Activates Shield when knocked down or stunned by enraged monsters.
  • Fleetfoot - Increase movement speed by X while out of combat.
  • Grieving - Immediately regenerates X MP when attacked by a player.
  • Inspiring - 50% chance to provide HP Regeneration when knocked down.
  • Poised - Decrease damage by X% when attacked by enraged monsters.
  • Protective - Resist critical hits X% more when below 50% HP.
  • Relentless - Increases maximum HP by X.
  • Resolute - Decrease damage by X% when below 50% HP.
  • Vigorous - Provides HP regeneration of X per 5 sec.
  • Warding - 50% chance to provide Shield when knocked down.
  • Hardy - Decrease damage by X% from monsters.

List of Armor Crystals[]

Type Wep Lvl 1+
Wep Lvl 11+
Wep Lvl 23+
Wep Lvl 35+
Wep Lvl 48+
Wep Lvl 58+
Empyrean Empyrean Rhomb Empyrean Cabochon Empyrean Hexage Empyrean Pentant Empyrean Concach Empyrean Crux
Fleetfoot Fleetfoot Rhomb Fleetfoot Cabochon Fleetfoot Hexage Fleetfoot Pentant Fleetfoot Concach Fleetfoot Crux
Grieving Grieving Rhomb Grieving Cabochon Grieving Hexage Grieving Pentant Grieving Concach Grieving Crux
Inspiring Inspiring Rhomb Inspiring Cabochon Inspiring Hexage Inspiring Pentant Inspiring Concach Inspiring Crux
Poised Poised Rhomb Poised Cabochon Poised Hexage Poised Pentant Poised Concach Poised Crux
Protective Protective Rhomb Protective Cabochon Protective Hexage Protective Pentant Protective Concach Protective Crux
Relentless Relentless Rhomb Relentless Cabochon Relentless Hexage Relentless Pentant Relentless Concach Relentless Crux
Resolute Resolute Rhomb Resolute Cabochon Resolute Hexage Resolute Pentant Resolute Concach Resolute Crux
Vigorous Vigorous Rhomb Vigorous Cabochon Vigorous Hexage Vigorous Pentant Vigorous Concach Vigorous Crux
Warding Warding Rhomb Warding Cabochon Warding Hexage Warding Pentant Warding Concach Warding Crux

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