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Arrow Volley
Skill information
Tooltip description
Arrow VolleyArrow Volley
Cast time 1sec
MP cost 230
Cooldown 5sec
Base Damage Unknown [edit]
Press the skill button once and mouseover to lock on up to X targets within 18m, then press the skill button again to shoot at all targets.
Level 2 and above
Class Archer
Source Tactics Instructor
Target Enemies
Mana cost 230
Range 18m
Cast time 1sec
Cooldown 5sec

Arrow Volley is an active skill that can be taught to archers at level 2 and is able to be ranked up at later levels.

Arrow Volley can be performed with a bow by the archer from 18m range away from a target. Performing this skill allows the user to aim at multiple targets and shoot them down at the same time. The amount of damage dealt and target selection varies dependent on skill rank.

Rank table Edit

To upgrade Arrow Volley to the next rank, one must find a Tactics Instructor or Archer Trainer and pay a rank-dependant price.

Rank Level Cost Damage
I 2 36Copper 42
II 8 1Silver 71Copper 61
III 14 4Silver 59Copper 90
IV 20 17Silver 23Copper 131
V 26 26Silver 36Copper 191
VI 32 97Silver 84Copper 279
VII 38 2Gold 71Silver 84Copper 407
VIII 44 6Gold 73Silver 83Copper 593
IX 50 15Gold 9Silver 87Copper 866
X 56 31Gold 23Silver 81Copper 1,263

Glyphs Edit

To glyph Arrow Volley, a glyph must be obtained and learned. At level 60, a character has 50 glyph points available to spend on all available archer glyphs. Most glyphs, specifically common glyphs can be purchased from a glyphmaster, while fine glyphs must be looted from enemies.

Name Level Points Cost Effect Source
Glyph of Multiplication 20 3 49Silver 23Copper Increases number of lock-on targets by 1. Archer Glyphmaster
Glyph of Persistence 20 3 49Silver 23Copper 30% chance to eliminate cooldown. Archer Glyphmaster
Glyph of Blaze (Penetrating Shot) 20 4 49Silver 23Copper Speeds charging by 30% for Penetrating Arrow Penetrating Arrow, the next skill in the chain. Archer Glyphmaster
Glyph of Blaze (Stunning Trap) 26 3 1Gold 32Silver 48Copper Speeds casting speed by 40% for Stunning Trap. the next skill in the chain. Archer Glyphmaster
Glyph of Influence 26 3 1Gold 32Silver 48Copper Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 44: Incendiary Trap. Archer Glyphmaster
Fine Glyph of Persistence 58 4 - 30% chance to eliminate cooldown.  ?
Fine Glyph of Blaze (Penetrating Shot) 58 4 - Speeds charging by 40% for Penetrating Arrow Penetrating Arrow, the next skill in the chain.  ?
Fine Glyph of Blaze (Stunning Trap) 58 2 - Speeds casting speed by 50% for Stunning Trap. the next skill in the chain.  ?

Gallery Edit

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