Attributes or stats are basic form of data used to calculate damage or healing.


These are stats from character profile Combat tab:


Attack is based on your Power and your equipment's attack modifiers. This stat affects how much damage you deal.


Defense is based on your Endurance and your equipment's defense modifiers. This stat inversely affects how much damage you take.

Crit Rate[]

Crit Rate (also called crit factor) is your chance to critically hit an opponent. Adding crit rate has diminishing returns and at certain point (so called crit cap) gives no more damage.

From crit rate actual crit chance is calculated, which is subject to RNG roll. Basic formula for crit chance is: crit chance = (crit factor × direction ) / (crit resist × 10) Direction modifier is 1 from front, 1.2 from side and 1.6 when attacking from rear. Value of crit factor here includes all character and skill specific buffs.

Crit chance is subject of multiple coefficients, including crit chance modifiers from skills/glyphs, additional crit chance passives and carving crystals. Also level difference between target and attacker and type of monster (minion, normal, BAM) affects crit chance.

Full formula is available ie. in Complete Awakened Brawler Guide (Note: this is old crit formula).

Generally, for attack skill that has 3× crit chance crit cap is 224 when attacking from behind (non-castanic, level 65 player attacking level 68 boss with standard 210 crit resistance). For 2× crit chance skills crit cap is far beyond 450+ and adding crit generally always increases damage.

Reaching high enough crit rate is key to damage dealing in PvE. As of late 2018 most classes should go for 350 or more. Exceptions are classes that have 3× chance multipliers in their main damage skills, like warrior, valkyrie, gunner and archer.

Post-Exodor changes[]

On patch 86/87 crit formula was changed. Accordingly Warrior discord 3× crit chance skill like Scythe will reach crit cap at 133 crit (non-castanic level 70 warrior in level 69 AQ dungeon with level 71 220 crit resists bosses). This value is so low that you should go full power with classes that have 3× main skills.

Blade Waltz (2× + 10% chance) and Deadly Gamble boosted (+50% crit chance) Rain of Blows and Blade Draw (2× skills) reach crit cap at 218 and 225 total crit factor respectively.

Numbers are even lower on bosses below your level and lower crit resistances than AQ, and this doesn't event account for crit resist debuffs from weapon special lines like Azart Mark or Priest/Mystic's talents.

Note: this is again changes when new level 70 dungeons with new level 73 bosses were released. Check class discord for up-to-date info on crit caps. As of summer 2020 Corrupted Skynest dungeon has 300 crit resist boss, 232 FA, 220 AQ, 210 other dungeons.

Crit Power[]

Crit Power affects how much damage your critical hits do. Normal crit power in TERA is 2.0. That means each critical hit does 2x damage of normal hit.

Crit Power can be increased with Weapon Crystals, weapons and some accessories rolls, Prime Battle Solution, and Dragon mounts. There is significant confusion what crit power value means, even in in-game descriptions. (Some descriptions use %-sign incorrectly or use wording like "do 1.2× more damage".) Crit power value of crystal and such is added to base crit power and this value is used to calculate the damage of critical hit.

Crit power when hitting enraged monster from behind with weapon equipped with all dyad niveots and using prime battle solution reaches 8.14. In PvP crit power is more limited. Only Savage weapon crystals work, which means crit power of 2.0 + 1.32 with Savage Niveot from critical hit from behind. Also weapons and accessories rolls work. Especially weapon can be rolled to 0.3 extra crit power.

Note that character profile does not show total crit power available, only effect of potions. Crit power that depends on crystals activating, like hit from behind, front or while enraged is not shown.

Source Niveot Dyad Total Total w/ Dyads Note
Default 2.0 2.0
Prime Battle Solution 1.42 1.42
Savage 1.26 1.32 3.26 3.32 in PVP (without effect of potion)
Bitter/Spiteful 1.44 1.52 6.12 6.26 normal PVE, not enraged
Focused 1.78 1.88 7.90 8.14 normal PVE, while enraged
Wrathful 1.58 1.66 5.00 5.08 frontal for tanks (warrior gets 1.18 extra*)
Slaying 1.64 1.74 7.76 / 9.54 8.00 / 9.88 not enraged / enraged
Dragon, Phoenix and Chocobo flying mounts 0.10 0.10 6 sec proc every 60 sec = 1/10 uptime
0.3 weapon roll 0.3 0.3 common with berserkers
Exodor gear 3.42 no crystals, only potion effect
  • Note: warrior nerf in patch 87 from +1.18 to "+18%" (= +0.36)

Also bosses have -10% damage from crits lines, which makes critical hits do only 90% of their damage. Same applies to PVP or PVP-hybrid gear which has −15% or −20% crit damage protection.

Crit power doesn't affect healing skills. Heal critting restores 50% additional health.
After Exodor patch magic crit power should affect healing skills.

Exodor gear weapons have significantly lower crit power, which was one of the design goals. Also those weapons don't get extra crit power against enraged monsters, only static +15% damage.

Exodor patch new stats[]

Exodor patch (patch 86) added several new stats and also divided all damage skills to magical and physical damage.

  • Physical Amplification
    • Adds a set amount of physical damage to your damage
  • Magical Amplification
    • Adds a set amount of magical damage to your damage
  • Physical Resistance
    • Reduces the physical damage you receive
  • Magical Resistance
    • Reduces the magical damage you receive
  • Physical Crit Power
    • Increases the damage of your physical critical hits
  • Magical Crit Power
    • Increases the damage of your magical critical hits

It's assumed Amplification works like plain Attack Modifier rolls ie. in brooch, rings, necklace, halidom, and Resistance like Defense Modifier in earrings, belt, circlet and relic.

Also should be noted that all skills have Physical and Magic Factor. In example Haymaker has 144% Physical Factor and 60% Magical Factor, and damage applies as Physical. Details are still unclear.

Please refer to spreadsheet (docs.google.com) for calculations.

Patch 93 new stats[]

Patch 93 made some changes to class balancing and added four more stats. This patch changed some skills to depend on new physical/magic stats. Also certain skills that affected Endurance were changed to affect resistance stats. This means tanks now give debuff to boss Physical resistance and healer to Magical resistance.

This is more or less class balance patch.

New stats:

  • Physical Piercing
  • Magic Piercing
  • Ability to Ignore Physical Resistance
  • Ability to Ignore Magic Resistance

These stats only affect few classes. Slayer can ignore part of opponent Physical resistance. Reaper can ignore part of Magical resistance. Archer get physical penetration and Ninja magical penetration.[1][2]

This is supposed to work like this:
Ignore Resistance reduction is decreased from target's. Piercing effect is %-based reduction from Resistance. In patch v108 formula is changed. Piercing is applied on target’s resistance first (reduce certain % of Resistance), then resistance ignore effect.[3]

At the end of 2021 in TERA PC version crit factor is pretty much irrelevant stat. All Kaia's Fury / Kaia's Wisdom accessories have crit lines, all Mahtnan gear and Starshimmer/Starglimmer accessories. Never roll for crit in gear. If needed, yellow Halidom should give enough for every class. Instead with BiS gear aim for 10k piercing and 10k ignore.

Crit Resist[]

Crit Resist is your chance to avoid being critically hit by an opponent. This stat is only meaningful in PvP combat.

Also all monsters and bosses have Crit Resist value that mainly depends on monster level.

It's possible to get critical hit from monster. Monsters have only 1.5 crit power.

However, all modern PVE-PVP-hybrid gear has −15% damage from crits on gloves. Also it seems players have heavy crit protection from Elite monsters (includes most monsters in dungeons). This maybe up to −30%. It's not meant that boss can suddenly crit and one-shot a tank. Some testing indicates at monsters only do 2% more damage in dungeons when they crit (Varies from monster to monster and dungeon. Damage log shows that some monsters actually do less damage when they crit.)


This value is removed from tab. It was product of equipment impact modifiers and Impact Factor, but equipment balance modifiers are removed from game.

This stat affected your ability to knockdown and stagger your opponent. Only Impact Factor matters anymore.


Balance was the product of your Balance Factor and equipment balance modifiers. Equipment balance modifiers are removed from game.



Power is a class-based stat affecting your attack skills. Adding more power gives linear increase to damage dealt by attacks skills.


Endurance is a class-based stat affecting your defense.

Endurance doesn't directly tell how much damage character takes, since every class has hidden class-based modifier for that. Adding more Endurance will still reduce damage taken.

As of January 2019 PVP patch every class got their base Endurance set to 80. Note that buffs that say "Increases Endurance by XX%" (like healers' buffs, lancer's Guardian Shout or Prime Battle Solution) are calculated from base Endurance only.

Also monsters have Endurance stat. This is significant because certain debuffs from tanks and healers affect it.

Impact Factor[]

Impact Factor is a class-based stat affecting your impact. This stat affects your ability to knockdown and stagger your opponent.

Balance Factor[]

Balance Factor is a class-based stat affecting your balance. This stat affects your ability to resist knockdown and stagger.

Attack Speed[]

Attack Speed affects your attack speed. In other words, how fast each attack and spell finishes.

More attack speed means more damage if useful combat skills can be cast.

Generally adding more attack speed also requires Cooldown Reduction (CDR). CDR is from Prime Battle Solution, masks and certain healer skills (priest Energy Stars and mystic Thunderstrikes, unlocked with Skill Advancement).

Movement Speed[]

Movement is your movement speed while walking. There is separate non-combat movement speed and combat movement speed that applies when character is in combat mode.

Maximum movements speed is now capped to 240.

Mount speeds are not listed.

Flying Speed[]

When mounted on flying mount. Various mounts have some other stats too like Flying duration, which affects how long the mount can fly. Dunno why this is event listed in character stats.


Weakening Effects (Green)[]

This stat affects how well you resist weakening effects such as stat decreases and other green-bordered effects.

Periodic Damage (Purple)[]

This stat affects how well you resist periodic damage and other purple-bordered effects.

Stun (Red)[]

This stat affects how well you resist stun and other red-bordered effects.