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Saiko WTF Tera Avatar Weapons-0

Avatar Weapons are instruments of incredible power created from fragments of discarded weapons used in the Divine War. These relic fragments are found as drops from monsters all over the land of Arborea.

Avatar Weapons were added to game in patch 24.05.00 in early 2014.

Acquiring and enchanting Avatar Weapons was completely reworked in patch 83 in July 2019. Weapons are no longer assembled from relic pieces, but are given from story quests or as dungeon drops.

Acquiring the WeaponsEdit

In order to obtain an avatar weapon, you must collect relics. Different relics drop in different places, but generally have a higher rate in dungeons. When you've collected enough, you must combine the weapon in your inventory.

Other InformationEdit

  • Avatar relics drop from mobs all over the world starting from level 10.
  • If you meet the weapon's level requirement, it will automatically equip.
  • Relics, like the weapons they produce, are superior items. If they belong to you, they will shine with a beacon of light.
  • There used to be a quest obtained upon reaching level 16 that would walk you through the process of obtaining an Avatar weapon. This quest's NPC was Roson, a trap hunter in Crescentia.
  • Weapon fragments used to drop alongside relics. Their only use was dismantling into feedstock.

Avatar Relic Pieces Edit

Relic Piece Level
Relic1 Seren's Relic Piece 12
Relic2 Isren's Relic Piece 20
Relic3 Elinu's Relic Piece 26
Relic4 Tithus's Relic Piece 32
Relic5 Amarun's Relic Piece 38
Relic06 Zuras's Relic Piece 44
Gidd's Relic Piece 50
Karas's Relic Piece 55
Dagon's Relic Piece 58
Ishara's Relic Piece 60
Oriyn's Relic Piece 62
18px Bahaar's Relic Piece 64
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