BAM is an acronym for big-ass monster in TERA. These monsters are occasionally also called boss monsters or elite monsters. Generally the idea of BAM is formalized meme of MMORPGs, where the bigger the monster is, the more powerful he is.

BAMs are also typically higher level than player character, which causes them to take reduced damage. They have common characteristic like generally they can't be stunned or knocked down.

Yunaras Snaggletooth marked with grey BAM and red World Boss icons

In early days of TERA there was strict division to boss monsters, normal monsters and minions. Any reference to boss damage, such as "increased damage vs bosses" in weapons or crystals is referring to BAMs or dungeon bosses. Devs seem to have now abandoned this classification. All crystals that affected to only one type of monster are now removed from game, and lately also BAM markers (grey shield or skull icon before name) were removed from monsters names.

This process started when new BAMs where added to reworked Island of Dawn. Unlike real BAMs these monster could be stunned and also some crowd control skills like warrior's Staggering Counter worked on them. Island of Dawn BAMs didn't had BAMs markers either.

Also should be noted that many dungeons have normal-sized monsters in addition of boss monsters. Around level 65 patch all dungeon monsters were marked as bosses, so players can avoid tedious task of constantly switching crystals while fighting them.

BAM Species[edit | edit source]

BAMs[edit | edit source]

Name Level Location
Basilisk 20 Oblivion Woods
Indolent Kumas 22 Celestial Hills
Kadas 22 Celestial Hills
Naga Mercenary 22 Celestial Hills
Radat 22 Celestial Hills
Torpid Kumas 23 Celestial Hills
Juggernaut Mercenary 24 Celestial Hills
Fimbrilisk 25 Cliffs of Insanity
Ovolith 28 Vale of the Fang
Massive Ovolith 28 Vale of the Fang
Lurking Ovolith 28 Vale of the Fang
Brutal Orisk 29 Basilisk Crag
Relentless Bloodclaw Arachnen 29 Halls of Shadow
Dusky Basilisk 30 Basilisk Crag
Vicious Orisk 30 Basilisk Crag
Vicious Dusky Basilisk 31 Basilisk Crag
Azarel's Juggernaut 32 Azarel's Labyrinth Depths
Red Lash Marauder 32 Mistmoor Island
Red Lash Clawrider 32 Mistmoor Island
Lurking Teralith 34 Lake of Tears
Searing Fangspawn 34 Lake of Tears
Molten Fangspawn 35 Lake of Tears
Swift Storm Lizard 36 Aurum Road
Ancient Teralith 36 Colossal Ruins
Giant Gladiator 36 Colossal Ruins
Desert Lightning Kumas 37 Aurum Road
Dark Fimbrilisk 38 Cathedral Passageway
Yearning Vulcan 38 Aurum Road
Covetous Vulcan 38 Aurum Road
Noxious Ovolith 40 Blightwood
Mossy Teralith 41 Blessing Basin
Vulcan Dreadnaught 41 Timeless Woods
Naga Colossus 42 Tempest Reach
Naga Deathreaper 42 Tempest Reach
Vulcan Devastator 43 Timeless Woods
Onyx Hydrath 43 Tempest Reach
Frosthunter Barsicore 44 Frost Reach
Icewalker Barsicore 45 Frost Reach
Icereaver Giant 45 Frost Reach
Icecleaver Giant 45 Frost Reach
Giant Warmaster 46 Feral Valley
Merciless Ovolith 46 Arachnaea
Guardian Ovolith 46 Arachnaea
Dreadfang Arachnen 46 Arachnaea
Clawrider Overseer 46 Arachnaea
Arachnen Devastator 46 Arachnaea
Ravenous Basilisk 46 Feral Valley
Naga Clawrider 48 Serpentis Isle
Sulphurous Groknar 49 Fyrmount
Fangspawn 49 Fyrmount
Naga Battlemaster 49 Serpentis Isle
Voracious Fangspawn 50 Fyrmount
Malagash 50 Serpentis Isle
Naga Clawmaster 50 Serpentis Isle
Darkquaver Orisk 51 Darkquaver Woods
Naga Leviathan 51 Serpentis Isle
Malbinar Dracoloth 52 Darkquaver Woods
Siraxatol 52 Serpentis Isle
Lurking Storm Lizard 52 Amena Quatla
Midirix 52 Serpentis Isle
Ebon Fimbrilisk 53 Amena Quatla
Consecrated Teralith 53 Amena Quatla
Inexorable Akalath Warlord 53 Amena Quatla
Rockstalker Basilisk 55 Wyrmgorge
Gluttonous Fangspawn 55 Sienna Canyon
Trihorn Dracoloth 56 Sienna Canyon
Vale Hunter Arachnen 56 Tor Exsul
Sandlurker Lizard 56 Tor Exsul
Vulcan Wastewalker 56 Wyrmgorge
Magmar Teralith 57 Tor Exsul
Bloodtalon Dracoloth 57 Wyrmgorge
Feytouched Lithikumas 58 Seeliewood
Mizar 58 Vale of Spires
Alcor 58 Vale of Spires
Vengeful Glacial Giant 59 Vale of Spires
Argonomorph Cornulisk 59 Tirkai Forest
Argonomorph Naga Marauder 59 Thrallhold
Emberheart Dracoloth 59 Seeliewood
Direpaw Mandrill 60 Balder's Refuge
Dreadpaw Mandrill 60 Balder's Refuge
Smoldering Moloch 60 Khanovar Front
Gilgash Guardian 60 Khanovar Front
Argonomorph Dread Maligos 60 Three Towers Spire
Akalath Overseer 60 Argonea
Arzakaar Thassalir 60 Argonea
Suulvir Raptor 60 Argonea
Arzakaar Guardian 60 Granarkus
Maskimxuul 60 Granarkus
Suulvir Harvester 60 Granarkus
Akalath Devastator 60 Khanovar Front
Bloodbound Teralith 60 Khanovar Front
Enhanced Argonomorph Giant 60 Khanovar Front
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