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Barakaminiicon1 Baraka
Classification Humanoid
Capital city Highwatch

The Baraka are one of the seven playable races in TERA.

The Baraka are descendants of Giants known for their extreme strength and size. They are also a race of intellectuals who have scholarly pursuits and libraries set across the world.

Official description[]

"The Baraka are related to Tithus' children, the giants, but in turning their backs on the giants' wars of conquest, they avoided their progenitors’ doom on the Day of Flame. Baraka value knowledge of all kinds. They maintain libraries of the accumulated learning of their own people, drawn from all the world’s races, in every city where they make their homes."
"Despite their gentle nature and generally pacifistic philosophy, it would be a great error to suppose baraka are weaklings, for their other great hunger is for balance. Balancing mind and body means that every young baraka learns the arts of combat alongside the arts of knowledge. Like the amani, the baraka fiercely defend the weak and downtrodden."



"The giants used their great power to conquer the world. The baraka clan, though, went their own way and walked a more peaceful path in the pursuit of knowledge. When the gods punished the giants for their ambitions with total annihilation on the Day of Fire, they spared the baraka. Since that time they've been welcome guests in the lands of many other races. The amani have traditionally kept their distance from the baraka because of the unhappy history between amani and giants, but with the new spirit of friendship fostered by the federation, even those old wounds are beginning to heal."

Capital city: Highwatch[]


Being left with nothing, the baraka choses to wander the world for knowledge.

"The baraka homeland was destroyed when the gods obliterated the giants and all their lands and cities. Since that time, the baraka have wandered the lands of the world, establishing libraries on both continents, and engaging in many scholarly projects that have benefited all the races of the federation. Though they hope for a new homeland one day, for now they are a nomadic people who enrich the cultures they touch by recording and honoring their histories."
"When the Federation finally managed to break through the Storm Barrier that block Northern Arun, the Baraka race has found their homeland. A place where the Barakas lived before. The city of Highwatch house their armies, libraries and what was left of their previous homeland. The whole continent had been taken over by the Archdevan Ruler Dakuryon, when the Giants abandoned the destroyed land. The Federation has pushed them back and got through the barrier, and the Barakas can be home once again."

Racial traits[]




  • Baraka, alongside popori, are the only race that did not receive censorship when localized to North America and Europe (male high elves, castanics, humans, and amani, unlike their female counterparts, didn't either).
  • The priest is the most popular representation of the baraka class-wise, with just about every official appearance of one being a priest.
  • The baraka symbol is similar to the Eye of Horus, but not quite identical.
  • According to the TERA short story Death at Forgeheart, the baraka are genderless despite their masculine traits.[2]
  • Baraka do form pairs and have bondmates, and even have children together, as noted by Dalmuri.
  • Baraka don't seem to eat same food humans eat. Least they don't eat fish soup, as seen in fishing quest on Celsian Lake Fishery.



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