Basilisks are the first BAMs (Big A** Monsters) you encounter in TERA.


  • Variants: Basilisk, Dusky Basilisk, Vicious Dusty Basilisk, Rockstalker Basilisk, Ravenous Basilisk
  • Named: Bloodjaw, Deathglare
  • Ecology: Oblivion Woods and desert regions on both continents
  • Attacks (target area): Claw rake (45), head toss (45), leap (forward), charged flaming breath (90), ranged eye blast (AoE on location), charged jump and pound (360), tail swipe (360), charging into players
  • Combos: charged jump and pound (360) after knocking down a player,
  • Defenses: High armor. When a basilisk becomes enraged, the hide on their head and claws become firey. When this happens their attacks and movement speed increase significantly.
  • Weaknesses: Slow-moving, attacks slowly, predictable
  • Tips:
    • Melee- attack from the side or behind and beware the tail swipe (tail will curl slightly before).
    • Ranged- beware of the forward leap and the charged flaming breath.
    • When he leans forward with a shocked face hes going to use his flaming breath
  • Solo difficulty- 2/5


Basilisks are the first BAMs you encounter in the game, at level 20. They are located in Oblivion Woods and are recommended to solo on until level 23, due to the amount of XP they give.

High levels can also farm them for Paverune of Titans and Arunic Panaceas, both quite common drops. It is very easy to solo them from level 35. However, around level 45, you can take them down in seconds, which is quite useful for item farming.

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