Battlegrounds is a new gameplay type being debuted in an update on August 22nd 2012. Battlegrounds focus on team based PvP combat and can be accessed through the submenu under Looking for Group (LFG) .

Some battlegrounds use equalized gear to give everyone same fighting chance without lengthy investment to upgrade gear.

Current battlegrounds in Tera are:

  • Corsairs' Stronghold - This battleground is a 20v20 contest, with two rounds to allow the teams to attack and defend the fortress and crystal inside using siege weapons, airships and ladders. Capturing pyres will give new spawn places. Team must (generally) break outer and inner gates to attack enemy crystal, but sneak attack by climbing the ladders or airship landing with small team may succeed. Previously accessible from level 30, battleground is now limited to level 65 characters. Equalized gear.
  • Gridiron - Industrial style battleground. It was originally out in 2015 but have since been reworked completely. New version has only one level and simplified layout. Battleground is equalized and everyone gets same level gear. In addition player costumes are removed and names are scrambled and you can't directly see who you are playing with or against (although greetings and faces remain).
  • Kumas Royale - all players are transformed into kumases. Team which wins two rounds claims victory on the battleground. Available from level 20 and provides fast leveling XP and 24h XP boost item if won. Battleground was released in June 2016.
  • Iron Battleground - 8v8. At the start players choose a tank drive. Shoot enemy tanks to destroy them and kill players. First team to win two rounds claims victory. Released in patch 48.[1] Available for low level characters too.

There are also some seasonal battlegrounds such as the 10 v 10 Wintera Snowfield in December (snowball fight related to the Christmas theme at this time).

Former battlegrounds[]

  • Kumasylum - Accessible from level 30. This battleground pits 10 regular players against 3 super powered kumas. The players need to open boxes and reveal the 3 gems on the map, then work together to steal the gems back to their escape ships at the dock.
  • Monkeydrome - Special "battleground". Two teams fight monsters on their own platforms. Team in lead can give opposing team debuffs to slower their progress. Released with TERA: Fate of Arun, later removed and only available occasionally as event battleground.[3]
  • Fraywind Canyon - A 15 v 15 contest for high level characters. Killing enemy players or BAMs that occasionally spawn as well as holding capture points will earn team points to win the match. Removed in January 2019.