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A male human berserker standing his ground with Axe Block.png Axe Block.

The berserker specializes in various berserker skills and highly depends on such in terms of combat in order to deal damage from close range and attempt to avoid getting hit. Most berserker skills can only be used while an axe is equipped.

(This page is up to date with level 60 and level 65 new skills and berserker tanking added in 2015, but is missing Apex skills.)

There are currently 33 berserker skills which can only be learned by the Berserker. While 26 of them can be learned from the skill menu, Combo Attack.png Combo Attack and Axe Block.png Axe Block are gained automatically upon character creation, and Intimidation, Evasive Roll (Berserker), Axe Counter, Overwhelm.png Overwhelm, and Punishing Strike are obtained as quest rewards.

All of the active skills with the exception of Intimidation can be enhanced with a glyph with a cost of a certain glyph points up to 55 points, depending on the character's level.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Combo Attack.png Combo Attack 1 Strike one or more targets in front of you, and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage, up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.
Axe Block.png Axe Block 1 Block frontal attacks with your weapon. Damage blocked depends on your weapon's stats. Remains active as long as you hold down the skill button.
Cyclone.png Cyclone 2 Charge up your attack by holding down the skill button, then release it to spin your axe in a circle. (X-level charge is available. Over charge after third-level charge will damage you. While charging up, you can move at half speed.)
Flatten.png Flatten 4 Pound the ground, knocking down targets within 4m.
Thunder Strike.png Thunder Strike 8 Charge up your axe attack by holding down the skill button, then release it to attack. (X-level charge is available. Over charge after third-level charge will damage you. While charging up, you can move at half speed.)
Triumphant Shout.png Triumphant Shout (Berserker) 10 Instantly restore 100MP (skill-level dependent). Your MP doesn't decay for 20 seconds.
Retaliate.png Retaliate (Berserker) 12 Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down. You become briefly immune to knockdown, stagger, and stuns.
Vampiric Blow.png Vampiric Blow 16 Charge up your axe attack by holding down the skill button, then release it to attack. A portion of the damage returns to you as healing. X-level charge is available. Activates faster but with less healing if you first overcharge Thunder Strike.png Thunder Strike, Cyclone.png Cyclone, or Lethal Strike.png Lethal Strike.
Tenacity.png Tenacity (Berserker) 20 Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish X MP. Briefly increases resistance to stun immensely.
Fiery Rage.png Fiery Rage 22 Increases your power by 20% and crit factor by 10%, but decreases your Endurance by 10% for Xsec.
Leaping Strike (Berserker).png Leaping Strike (Berserker) 24 Jump at your foe and smash downward. Knocked-down foes take 5x damage once you learn Merciless Leap (Berserker).png Merciless Leap (Berserker).
Leaping Strike (Berserker).png Merciless Leap (Berserker) (Passive) 24 Your Leaping Strike (Berserker).png Leaping Strike (Berserker) deals 5x damage against knocked-down enemies.
Mocking Shout.png Mocking Shout 26 Your warlike shout has a chance of stunning enemies within 7m. You also become immune to knockback and stuns for 7 seconds, while greatly increasing your resistance to weakening effects.
Cyclone.png Cyclone Intensity(Passive) 26 Increases damage to multiple targets with Cyclone.png Cyclone.
Unchained Anger.png Unchained Anger 30 Sacrifice HP to gain X MP.
Dash.png Dash (Berserker) 32 Increase your speed by 50% for Xsec.
Lethal Strike.png Lethal Strike 36 Charge up your attack by holding down the skill button, then release it to attack. Costs HP to use, not MP. (X-level charge is available. Over charge after third-level charge will damage you. While charging up, you can move at half speed.)
Cyclone.png Cyclone Intensity II(Passive) 38 Increases Crit Power by 18% when attacking boss monsters from the front.
Staggering Strike.png Staggering Strike 40 Make a sweeping attack that briefly stuns and turns your targets around.
Fearsome Shout.png Fearsome Shout 46 Monsters within 5m briefly run away from you. Fear effect ends if target is knocked down.

PvP, Fear effect end if target is attacked.

Cyclone.png Cyclone Intensity III(Passive) 50 Increases Crit Factor by 30% when attacking boss monsters from the front.
Bloodlust.png Bloodlust 52 Your power increases by 26; your balance factor and impact factor increase by 50%. In PvP, skill damage increases by 10%. Lasts 30sec.
Flurry of Blows.png Flurry of Blows 56 Your attack and charging speed increases by 20% for 15 seconds.
Inescapable Doom.png Inescapable Doom 58 Briefly slows movement of targets within 5m radius by 60%. Prevents other players from using evasive and movement skills.
Evasive Smash.png Evasive Smash 60 Interrupt a charging skill with a rolling dodge and then follow up with a rib-rattling uppercut attack. The dodge requires one press of the skill button. The smash requires another press of the skill button immediately after. The smash's damage varies based on the level of charging skill interrupted.
Raze.png Raze 61 Knocks down monsters around you while moving forward. Enemy players are staggered. This skill chains off of Combo Attack.png Combo Attack.

[Intimidation] Increased aggro gain. Activates faster following Axe Counter or Punishing Strike.

Tackle.png Tackle 63 Spin your axe to hurl a bolt that knocks down an enemy up to 18m away.
Unbreakable.png Unbreakable 65 Fueled by rage, your HP won't go below 1 for 18 seconds. You can still die if you receive a single blow that exceeds your max HP.
Intimidation.png Intimidation 65 Continuously gain aggro from monsters within 8m. Attack skills have increased aggro gain, and the cooldowns for Raze.png Raze, Flatten.png Flatten, Fiery Rage.png Fiery Rage are decreased. Reduces Crit Factor and PvP Attack by 18, and disables charging skills other than Thunder Strike.png Thunder Strike and Vampiric Blow.png Vampiric Blow. Grants MP replenishment. You are immune to push-back from monsters, except for certain special attacks.
Evasive Roll.png Evasive Roll (Berserker) 65 Dodge your enemy's attack. Shares a cooldown with Evasive Smash.png Evasive Smash
Axe Counter.png Axe Counter 65 [Intimidation] Deliver a crushing counterattack after a successful Axe Block.png Axe Block. Increases resistance to knockdown and stagger, and any damage taken while attacking is reduced by 50%. Can only be used while Intimidation is active.
Overwhelm.png Overwhelm 65 Charge up to 18m and attack your enemy. Attack has a high chance of knockdown against monsters.
Punishing Strike.png Punishing Strike 65 [Intimidation] Perform a quick strike that generates high aggro. Press the skill button again to dash forward and attack a second time, decreasing the target's Endurance. Can only be used while Intimidation is active.