Rpaarl Rpaarl 15 May 2023

How the original TERA story went?

Seeing another nostalgia thread in Reddit I started wondering how the original TERA story went. You see, the (old) Island of Dawn was not there when TERA originally came out. Also, I remember someone said ages ago that Fey Forest was added later. Ofc by the time TERA came out in the west there was already a “full” quest line. But it was one year after the game was out in Korea and western (closed) beta versions.

We know there was a level 30 tutorial called Prologue, which starts with a landing to Island of Dawn beach during the First Expedition. You’d fight along with Elleon on the Island of Dawn hilltops, after which demon Karascha wipes out the expedition. (Prologue part still exists in all 32-bit versions of TERA and is activated with “T…

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Rpaarl Rpaarl 3 December 2022

Elyon is gone in Korea too

Elyon is also shutting down in Korea on March 2, 2023. The Korean version is published by Kakao Games just like western version, which is closed on 7 December (less than a week left now). After Korea is gone, I'd say there's now a 99% chance they also close SEA and Japan servers since there's no point doing any new content.

What was Elyon anyway? It was Bluehole’s new MMORPG that was meant to replace TERA. It ended up ruining the company finances.

Elyon was originally Ascent: Infinite Realms (AIR), high fantasy with steampunk and fights with airships and mechs. They playtested it on Korean closed alpha or something (gameplay videos published in 2017) and it was so bad they ended up totally redesigning the game, and it became a very generic, …

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Rpaarl Rpaarl 25 November 2022

So how many players TERA did have?

  • 1 So how many players TERA did have?
  • 2 Why is Steam player count wrong
  • 3 So how many players there were actually
  • 4 Links

Interesting question, but player count was a trade secret that was never revealed. Only estimate we had was a Steamcharts player count from Steam client. Unfortunately it was hugely wrong.

Despite this Steam players count was the most cited number. One youtuber* even used this as a proof the game is dead, based on player count on En Masse client that was a closed version of game. EME was closed and Gameforge took over PC versions of TERA in November 2020 and KRAFTON/Bluehole console versions.

  • (nerdSlayer Studios in their video "Death of a Game: Tera", how bad can your fact checking be dude!)

Well, turns out that most players were n…

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Rpaarl Rpaarl 4 July 2022

private servers

Updated: 2022-08-11

Well before game was closed down on PC few private servers were set up.

These are made possible with "leaks". What I've heard (trust me bro) some publisher leaked (or sold) TERA server software to some guys who later put it in the internets. Versions that are leaked include patch 92 (which was originally out in EU April 2020) and later patch 100 (from November 2020) which recently appeared (appeared in internet in late May 2022). It's not very hard to find that software so basically everyone can now set up their own TERA private server.

There is also earlier leak from 2015 server. and early version of game configured for single player likely for preview and review purposes. (This is actually based on Tera-Shock clean-room …

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Rpaarl Rpaarl 21 April 2022

TERA closes

So TERA closes. Both Korean and global version hosted by Gameforge are closed down on 30th June 2022. TERA for PlayStation and Xbox continues for the time being.

TERA on Japan is closed already on the same day, April 20th as annoucement was made. JTERA announced closure already three months ago. Surely Gameforge had the information but then decided to keep the game running for few months more. Bluehole announced KTERA closure on same day as Gameforge, ending the service on same day too.

Gameforge annoucement goes:

14th April financial analysis on TERA development studio Bluehole was posted.

As you might know Bluehole is, in addition of TERA, company originally reponsible for superpopular PUBG: Battlegrouds (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds).


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Rpaarl Rpaarl 1 April 2022

MMOByte plays TERA in 2022

So here's a recent video from MMOByte guy, Mr. Stix, or how he calls himself. It's worth watching and guy has lots of valid points about the game.

  • Empty world, exploring and side quests gone. Flying made game worse.
  • Graphics aging and look dated. Effects flashy. Combat still best of all MMORPGs
  • Current patch has one dungeon available at level 65.
  • Island on Dawn monsters take 10 minutes to kill alone.
  • ... but monsters or leveling dungeons' bosses don't make any damage, or require skill, just time, since devs never buffed their damage, just HP to make fights longer.
  • PVP dead (well he's playing on NA). Also open world pvp killed.

His complains are pretty much the same that Josh Strife Hayes made in his video in his Worst MMO ever series in last Dece…

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Rpaarl Rpaarl 16 June 2021

Plans for second half of 2021: Baldera opened

There was some time ago (2nd of May) meeting with TERA producera and developers with announcements about future plans and player questions.

Video from meeting in on KTERA YouTube channel but it's over 3 hours and in Korean. Luckily Lucks on main Korean TERA website wrote down main points of Q/A. This is google translate (with some manual fixes) of main parts of Lucks' article.

  • 1 Roadmap from June 2021
    • 1.1 Reworking Combat System
  • 2 Player Feedback
  • 3 Sources

Baldera is opened after 10 years!

New area includes a storyline. New storyline will continue the early TERA story. Re-appearance of Manahan and Argon-related story continues.

A battle with Rogash, who is captivated by the madness of losing Lumikan, the commander of the High Dragon, awaits. This conc…

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Overseer Shakow Overseer Shakow 10 May 2021

offline due to overtime

I was going pretty well there for awhile but i was not working but my family put to massive overtime work for them. I will continue to update data but it will be alot slower than i was couple more weeks before i catch up with all the data input and processing vendors and social media website stuff

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Overseer Shakow Overseer Shakow 7 April 2021

Hidden Story

Now that i have gotten the main cities all up and running we are working on the outposts and camps area by area. While i know i still am missing alot I stated a new Character to take thru the quest area by area group by group so i can update and add it all as i go.

I am learning so much about the lore of the game from the qoutes from the npc's its funny. Some of them like Bundu have some hilarious quotes. I was in stitches for hours with his. There is a ton of backstory and information hidden in the statements of NPC's all over the game its worth the time to read through them all and learn.

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Lollipoppiis Lollipoppiis 21 February 2021

TERA Wiki Discord Server

Hello everyone!

In order to facilitate the communication between editors and community member, a Discord Server is being created.

The server is still under construction but an invite is already available

Everyone from the TERA community can join.

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Overseer Shakow Overseer Shakow 20 February 2021

The Journey

It's really interesting how the game itself has changed over the years. But also how the Lore that used to be part of the game has been glossed over and in alot of cases - it's just gone. So i appreciate all the online efforts to keep the lore alive. Without all that effort and stored data we would all be left scratching our head. Once i get the main City NPC done ill start expanding the outposts one Province at a time and will figure out how to link and crosslink those quests into the game as well. Thank all those who have been setting up the quest data to allow us to get these projects done. It's interesting to say that i really dislike the publisher for the fact that they did such a half way job supporting their own game data. …

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Overseer Shakow Overseer Shakow 2 February 2021

Tera Patch 103

Evening and morning all. I have updated and added a lot of pages and pictures to bring a lot of Tera's information up to the current patch 103 i hope this helps others as well. So if my Template/layout got wonky lol. I am new to doing this and will learn and upgrade as i go!

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Rpaarl Rpaarl 15 October 2020

Gameforge takes over NA TERA

tl;dr: European (and RU/SEA) publisher Gameforge takes over TERA NA.


As most are aware, TERA's North American publisher En Masse Entertainment (EME) announced August 17th 2020 that company is closing. EME closed EMP and Elite Status subscriptions purchases already on September 14. Also new player registration was closed. Console versions are already transferred to developers KRAFTON / Bluehole.

After that we had over a month silence with no announcement on what happens to PC version. This was not positive to the morale of playerbase. We can see that number of players in NA in Steam stats has fallen to half, with no new player influx and some already self-migrating to EU or quitting the game for good.

It’s the start of a new chapter in Arbo…

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Rpaarl Rpaarl 15 September 2020

Missing sounds in 64-bit client

If TERA sounds are not working after 64-bit update, you need to install upgraded DirectX libraries. Note that Windows 10 is only supported OS now, since Microsoft has stopped updates for Windows 7.


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Rpaarl Rpaarl 5 October 2019

new Exodor content

TERA Europe just preview stream about patch 86 content, including new Exodor island and new dungeon.

See stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/490523375

Also check this dev post about new gear: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/32181/dev-note-upcoming-gear-update-background

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KrawzerB KrawzerB 12 February 2019

Games like Tera

Tera online is fun and all, but sometimes you would like to take a little time off and then come back to it. New content comes at a fast pace now and it's kind of hard to keep up if you haven't been playing straight. If you would like to take some time off, you can always check out some other games like it! 

Some games I found interesting are listed here 

MMORPGs like Tera

The fun of Tera's leveling system was cool when you had to fight off the BAMs found around the world, but now they become monsters that can be taken on by anybody. World Bosses made it fun to hunt, but then dungeons became the main focus. So if you could also suggest some other MMORPGs, please leave a comment below. 

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Jay rab Jay rab 6 May 2017

State Of The Wiki

Over the years of being on wikia I have learned that users come and go including Staff and Admins here.. all serving a role at the time, helping out based on their expertise, and slowly leaving the wiki better then they first arrived. In my time as a Bureaucrat/Admin we have revamped the main page(thanks to wiki staff member Pinkachu ), enlisted Enmasse's to provide us with raw data for their game, and successfully update our todo list and pages to reflect what the current state of the wiki is and where the todo's are.

That being said my time is or has been coming to an end and I would hate to see the wiki go into a state without someone to oversee it. If anyone has any interest in serving I am more then willing to share my insight and help…

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Shiorre Shiorre 10 August 2015

Fanon Wiki?

Hi, I was interested in creating a fan content wiki for TERA.

This would enable users who are interested in rping in-game and off-game to meet up some place and have an rp-friendly community. 

I, however, am not good with wikia's coding and would need someone to help me build this wiki.

If anyone's interested, I can provide my contact info upon request

Fan-content would be limited to the existing classes, equipment, level system and so on. It would essentially be an official document of your character, and their interactions with others, as they move through Arborea.

If you read this, thank you and please consider providing some assistance, I could use more than just coders. :3

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 17 April 2014

The Best Moments of TERA History - Submit Your Comments

Calling all MMO fans!

I'm excited to announce that Wikia will be creating a Key Moments in MMO History video. This video will give viewers insight on some of the genre's best games, and the best moments from those games. We want to know which moments of TERA's history have resonated with players the most!

What is the most important moment in TERA's History? (For example, was it the introduction of a new expansion? Perhaps the defeat of a major dungeon or boss? An amazing faction-vs-faction war?) We want to hear your opinions to help bring this video to life!

Please submit your comments below. If you would like to personally be featured in the video, record your comment as an audio narration. Your comment could be used to highlight the entire TE…

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Jay rab Jay rab 7 September 2013

Weekly Update 9/7/13

So time goes by rather quickly and with the tera wiki I can see that alot more with how long it has been since I have made one of these weekly updates. (spending too much time in the background ^_^) 

As always I am thankful for all of the editors (that is anyone who makes a page or edits one) as you all are the lifeblood of the wiki, without you many people would not have a place to find details about all things related to the Tera world. 

For those of you who I have not had a chance to say hello to I welcome you to this wiki and glad you are here, we have many resources premade for you so just give me a message on my wall: http://tera.wikia.com/wiki/Message_Wall:Jay_rab if you have any questions and I will see about helping you, I have a kn…

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Jay rab Jay rab 15 June 2013

Weekly Update 6/15/13

First I should say that it has been some time since I have made a weekly update, for one reason and that is that it has been fairly quiet around here. For a couple of weeks our normal editors faded away and with that a new set arrived to press on. 

I have learned with experience that this is the life of a wiki, to be set aside to be picked up once again, it is this way through all wikis but that is the encouraging part is to know that with time, someone will come to take the heed, in this case two new users Brennar and Keiran Emrys have been taking that heed and working hard on the wiki.

I think this is a good life lesson for one to learn, that the work that is set before us will be finished, that even when one does not see the light at the …

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Jay rab Jay rab 22 May 2013

Weekly Update 05/22/13

So May has been interesting, we have a couple of new editors that I jumping in on the fun, those being BKzada, Tymes, and Bubblebenj, I just want to thank you for your edits and I hope that you can continue to grow and learn so that you can serve others. 

This goes for any editor, feel free to send me questions on my wall as it is my desire to serve you and assist in whatever way I can so I truly want to hear from you!

I recently switch us over to the new set of "quick four" templates those being Quest, Item, NPC, and Locations. It wasnt making sense to keep the ones for stubs and broken links when we were spending most of our time actually working on the pages both new and old, so hopefully this will streamline some of the process and enabl…

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Jay rab Jay rab 7 May 2013

Weekly Update 05/07/13

I really have nothing new to bring to this update other then the details of what I have been doing or the lack thereof, currently life has taken priority just with short term health issues that has kept me in bed, which shouldn't stop me from editing since I have both a laptop and wifi connection, right? Well not in this case I have mostly been trying to sleep off the discomfort when I can, but really this is nothing more than a need to change a diet in order to feel better as it is a issue with the stomach.

That aside I am feeling better no need to worry about me or express any sympathy, just keeping you in the loop that I wont be taking breaks on you for just recreation sake and that we at tera wiki are still very much serious about being…

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Jay rab Jay rab 30 April 2013

Weekly Update 04/29/13

So for some of you, you were able to join in on a templates webinar hosted by wikia staff and I hope it was helpful! they will be uploading a recording soon and when they get that up I will make sure to pass it out to our members. For those of you who might have questions about templates and what to take advantage of a valuable resource, they are still taking questions for staff to answer HERE

Recently I found out how to switch out the four standard templates that show in the templates section if you are in visual edit mode, should you have any suggestions as to what you feel should go here please reply below and make your voice heard as I will be changing this shortly to make it more ideal for editors to use.

I have been seeing more edits a…

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Jay rab Jay rab 23 April 2013

Weekly Update 04/23/13

So I am a little late to the ballpark on this one, but with some really good news as well as a reason for it. Recently the job has been working me extremely hard, we just got a new client that we are working on, and part of a reward/need in getting them was a new laptop for me that was powerful enough on the graphics side to continue our web-design and graphics-design work for the business along with me having something that I could use for fun outside of work

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Jay rab Jay rab 15 April 2013

Weekly Update 04/15/13

Part of TERA wiki editing is maintenance, whether it be making small fixes of grammar, spelling, redirecting pages or other task that require our eye to details, it is this quality assurance that makes us different from user blogs, websites, and other wikis in making sure that all our details are spot on.

Apart of that I recently have been working on the navigation, indeed it needs some work to get up to our high standards that we set and I hope to make sure that it gets to that point starting with adding achievements to the Arborea section along with removing the npc's that were listed and having the npc link go directly to the root page listing all of them (note: I dont regard this as a fix, but it takes away the view that we have only wo…

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Jay rab Jay rab 9 April 2013

Weekly Update 04/08/13

Something interesting that I came across in our own wiki that some of you may not know about is the Template:Removed_content which goal is to label content that used to be on tera but got removed for whatever reason, we have seen this with things like Poisonous_Trap where abilities were replaced.

its interesting that we also get around 20k worth of visitors a day yet see little registered users, this fact is shockingly sad and it is my plee that if you find this site helpful please register and we can walk you through helping and if you find this site unhelpful here is your chance to make it better. There are many task we are aware of but dont have the man power to go about it and we need you to change that. If you currently are a editor, w…

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Jay rab Jay rab 2 April 2013

Weekly update 04/02/13

As always we are looking for more editors, we have the resources if you have the time, some task that require learning a couple new things and other tasks that really is just some copy and pasting, ether way your willingness to help is the first step in the right direction even if it is only to share about something that is missing.

Which brings me to my next subject, the question and answers forum seems to have been helpful for the last couple of days, we got a few questions and were able to promptly get back to each of the users with answers, questions that may not topically be placed on a page but still are valid questions like what to do to reset a npc in a dungeon or what is the next item to use when improving weapons and gear. And it …

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Jay rab Jay rab 1 April 2013

Tera online and tera wiki closing down shop!

Today on April first TERA announced that they are closing up shop to invest in another game. The new game is said to include a call of duty feel to the classic mmo's were users are able to recruit snipers, riflemen as companions along with kill streak perks for farming monsters like c130 bomb drops and attack helicopters.

But don’t worry about having to resign up for anything, TERA will be using the current servers and just overlaying the game on it, and for the premium members there will be no cost are need to do anything you are already set up and will have a m1 abrams tank waiting for you as a free mount, for those who don’t have the subscription in order to play the game you are going to have to pay $99.99 to be moved over or have access. …

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Jay rab Jay rab 25 March 2013

Weekly update 03/24/13

So we rehashed a poll that was used in the past since we dont have any suggestions yet for a new one, asking the users why they came, most come for quest, items, and class info. One poll answer that had alot of votes on it that was shocking was there was a bit that came to find out more about lore, this is something we really havent invested much into, so I am going to see what we can get out of enmasses about the world of tera.

Talking about enmasses we have recently been given a list of monster drops, which i will be handing out list to a couple of people, should you not already have it, please contact me with a request.

Update on importing data to the wiki: We currently been hitting some roadbumps in regards to importing we can get things…

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Jay rab Jay rab 17 March 2013

Weekly update 03/17/13

So editors we have survived the week and have really been making progress, I want to thank all those who have been editing recently including those who havent signed in but are helping out, I would like to take this time to really encourage those that do not have a account to make one, this protects your ip from being shown and is a great way for other editors to follow you and support you in your endeavors.

A couple of new things this week:

  • We have a new forum layout, this gives us the more typical forum feel to it and also allows people who are not sure about how to use a talk page to inquire or comment as this forum also adds the feature at the bottom of each page. It is located "on the wiki" tab as forum were we use to have it on the "co…
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Jay rab Jay rab 10 March 2013

Important (need response) Weekly update

Recently we were without an active admin, but the community on the other hand was refreshed and ready to go with the addition or in this case the removal of the pay aspect from the tera game, with that in mind I went to the wikia staff to inquire what needed to be done in order to get an active admin to find out there was a great deal of requirements including what some of you participated in via voting to approve me as your candidate.

After about two weeks, wikia staff agreed and set up an admin to serve you and to provide for the needs of the community both in regards to the needs of those who edit and those who come to read and gain insight. I feel with the editors being long neglected that it should be that my first tasks would be those…

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Jay rab Jay rab 8 March 2013

New Big editions

With a new season of TERA there ofcourse is new players to be found some new to TERA:Rising that are coming back from TERA's pay to play days, others trying it out for the first time now that it is free, with that we have a couple new editors that have been actively chipping away at pieces of missing pages and details. I want to stop to note a couple that have really stood out to me: Master176,Aullette, andKonokaTenshi have all really added alot over the last couple of days to the quests, this not only includes the quest themselves but the creatures and npc the player interacts with, the locations were those quest are found, and even the rewards that are given for those quest, this is not a light undertaking and they have been flying through…

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Jay rab Jay rab 27 February 2013

Administrator task

Currently we are addressing alot of spam, along with that tools like removingCategories that these spam users adds and banning the offender on the first edit rather then trying to follow them around the wiki undoing all their edits, this is taking away our focus from our main goal of building a place for the community to view as the place to go for there needs.

Our actions show that we reflect this goal, putting forth effort without much credit, and working hard to keep this wiki up, and you need someone to back you up and support you, someone that enables you to be a great editor and get the credit that you deserve for making this such a great place.

Currently we have four admins that the last time they edited was over 5months ago, which is…

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Jay rab Jay rab 24 February 2013

Task list

Been thinking about what would be helpful to this community, I see many adding things about gear and quest and didnt want to be the one who would be fighting someone else as who does what, I have resolved that one of the ways I can be helpful is by cleaning some of the functions IE voting, stubs, merging, as I have seen some links in relation to them ether missing or not really functional. I also would like to see the forums more active as we have a good user base of editors so I dont see why we cant talk more and make this more of a tight-knit community.

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MarkvA MarkvA 3 August 2012

Wikia Q&A Interview with En Masse's David Noona

Several weeks ago, Zikkun held an interview with David Noona, writing team manager at En Masse Entertainment. Aside from getting several burning questions answered, Zikkun also wanted to show En Masse what the TERA Wiki really is, and explain that the wiki's overall motive is to make information about TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea easier to read, free to browse, and full of rich text to every person who's interested to know what entering the realm of Arborea truly means. You can find the full interview below!

Q: There was a minimum uprise of criticizing when the Night Mare surprised the community with the $24.99 price. Would you consider the release of mount as a success, and how would you improve on the matter for future plans on purch…

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Zyziz Zyziz 22 July 2012


Im trying to add some transparency to all the NPC images. the reason behind this is that it can highlight the character only and makes it look really nice and professional :V

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Zikkun Zikkun 3 July 2012

New skin and comments system

Before you start pulling your hair, asking yourself "why?!" in reception to why a new theme for the TERA Wiki is being developed, let me quickly answer that. It is not, but it is. The current skin is not changing, it's just monobook getting a little love.

Let's start with the news, as I can't possibly message everyone on their wall about this personally anymore, we're increasing!

There's a few exciting things been happening lately regarding the TERA Wiki lately. If you're not using AdBlock! Plus, you would have noticed that the TERA Wiki is now featured in the Wikia Spotlight! That means a great deal, as there are around 10-25 wikis featured on it for a variety of time and will show on every article on Wikia! That's really great, Wikia have th…

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Zikkun Zikkun 23 June 2012

Here comes the new main page

For the past week give or take, me alongside of Natsunya and Redmaniac333 have worked on a new main page to spice up the old plain and classic one we used to have.

I mostly believed that the change was very necessary. The main page is the place where everybody lands when they arrive to the TERA Wiki, and it brings me great pleasure to see it improved.

Currently the portals are empty except the character portal. Don't worry about that, because that's where you come in! The portals are missing content, and we need more people to assist us and become part of the community! If you've read the 'Attention recruits!' section, it would explain you exactly what you need to know. If you haven't, then you should go read it.

Besides that, I wanted to hea…

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Zikkun Zikkun 20 June 2012

administration on the wiki

Greetings and meetings, fellow readers, and editors of the TERA Wiki!

As you're recently aware, the administration on the TERA Wiki has been left unanswered for the past month, leaving no users with the ability to promote or demote editors. Rexxagon, the founder of the TERA Wiki is the only one in position and is currently inactive for the past weeks.

Wikia Support has taken action in this, and have decided as there have been 14 editors for the past month, equaling enough to be considered an active community. Therefore an action must be taken from the community to choose a new bureaucrat to expand administration on the TERA Wiki.

En Masse Entertainment is to be treating us with a special surprise soon enough, which is why we deserve and requir…

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Zikkun Zikkun 4 June 2012

The poll for the new design

It's been quite a while since we began the submissions for the new design, which is why it's time to decide things quickly as other things are awaiting to be worked on which require to be adopted upon the design, such as templates and the main page.

The vote will be simple, vote for the skin you find most appealing. Option 6 is the current skin, and lastly is neither, a completely different one (Why didn't you submit?).

Click the links below to view the designs.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

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Zikkun Zikkun 14 May 2012

A new design awaits!

Greetings and meetings, fellow readers and editors of the TERA Wiki.

It's been almost three years ever since the TERA Wiki has been open to the world, along with our current design which has slightly changed in the past two years. Considering it's been a long time, and TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea is now available to United States and Europe, and I felt as though the TERA Wiki needed a new design layout to spice it up a bit!

Although I have made a design of my own and could have uploaded it without asking, I believed that is not how a wiki is supposed to work. A Wiki is owned by the community itself and none other. An administrator is nothing but another editor with more buttons.

Therefore I believe the wisest choice would be to ask you, the co…

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Soldierscuzzy Soldierscuzzy 11 May 2012

TERA Review Roundup

Now that TERA has finally seen a United States and European release, the critics have voiced their opinions. The general consensus is very positive! Here are a few snippets from publications on both the Internet and print. Make sure to voice your opinions on the matter below!

  • 1 Loved it
    • 1.1 GamingXP
    • 1.2 Cheat Code Central
    • 1.3 Gamereactor Sweden
    • 1.4 Eurogamer Italy
    • 1.5 G4
  • 2 Liked it
  • 3 Hated it
  • 4 Wikian's Review

Score: 90/100
"TERA may not offer enough to dethrone World of Warcraft, but it is a wonderful game with a thrilling story and loads of action. Above all else the combat mechanics are a great innovation."

Score: 4.2/5
"I almost hesitate to lavish so much praise on TERA. Given how much it has stolen from World of Warcraft, TERA is standing on the shoulder…

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Zikkun Zikkun 9 May 2012

The TERA Wiki needs YOU!

A week ago TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea has been released in the United States and Europe, the release brought a lot of attention coming from media and official sources, and of course, the TERA Wiki.

Although we weren't greatly prepared for the release, causing incoming traffic to ask themselves, "Who is this Samael person?", "Where do I get this item?", or "How much gold does it cost to rank this skill?". These are the kind of answers the TERA Wiki could not answer, but that's all about to change! We're beginning to enter more information to the TERA Wiki at a rapid speed, thanks to the availability of the game, experience can motivate people to write knowledge.

You might have noticed a lot of changes recently if you've been on the TERA …

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 17 April 2012

TERA's Classes

With the release of TERA getting closer, we thought it would be interesting to briefly highlight the various classes that are in this game.

  • 1 Archer
  • 2 Berserker
  • 3 Lancer
  • 4 Mystic
  • 5 Priest
  • 6 Slayer
  • 7 Sorcerer
  • 8 Warrior
  • 9 Poll

The archer is a class in TERA, known for its extremely powerful, long-range attacks. They carry a bow, allowing them attack from long distances, devastating the enemy before they can even reach them. As they also have high speeds, they can quickly move across the battlefield whilst maintaining distance.

The berserker is a class in TERA, known for its powerful, yet uncontrolled attacks. Though what may seem like an unprecise attack, is actually very focused. Their attack range is extremely narrow, which means that extreme precision is requ…

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Soldierscuzzy Soldierscuzzy 15 March 2012

TERA E-books Announced

En Masse, the publishers of TERA, have announced a series of e-books that go on sale today! They are short stories that revolve around the lore of TERA. The best part is that they will only cost $0.99 through Amazon. The first installment can be found right here.

In other news, the new Nexus System has been announced as well. The Nexus System is a randomly occuring large-scale event that is open to anyone who wants to join in. Participating in these events grants players rare and powerful items that can't be found anywhere else in the game.

The level cap also has been announced at 60.

Are you excited about the Nexus System? Will you be reading any of the e-books? Let us know in the comments!

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Soldierscuzzy Soldierscuzzy 2 February 2012

TERA Now Available for Preorder

En Masse Entertainment, the American publisher behind TERA announced today that the game is available for preorder. Like many other games, TERA will come with benefits for preordering, with the biggest being access to every closed beta event from February through April (schedule shown below) as well as a "Head Start" where the full game will unlock the weekend before the May 1st full release.

  • Closed Beta Test 1: February 10 – 12
  • Closed Beta Test 2: February 24 – 26
  • Closed Beta Test 3: March 9 – 11
  • Closed Beta Test 4: March 23 – 25
  • Closed Beta Test 5: April 6 – 8
  • Open Beta Test: April 19 – 22
  • Head Start: April 28 – May 1

There will also be two different Special Editions of the game, a physical version and a digital download version. Both will inclu…

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Aqír Aqír 18 January 2012

TERA Online Official Release Date – May 1st

En Masse Entertainment has officially revealed the release date for their upcoming MMO, TERA Online. The release date is set for May 1st, 2012. Standard and Collectors editions of the game will be available at retail and online stores. More information on the details of each edition is to be announced sometime in February. Closed beta testing can be expected to start in a matter of weeks, sign ups are available on their page.

The official announcement can be found here .

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Soldierscuzzy Soldierscuzzy 17 January 2012

Official TERA Release Date Announced

Fresh off announcing that the TERA beta is now open, En Masse Entertainment has just announced that the official TERA release date is May 1st for America.

Are you excited for the official release date after so long a wait? Let us know in the comments!

The studio also released some new screens, including the art for the box.

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Soldierscuzzy Soldierscuzzy 17 January 2012

TERA Beta Now Open to US and Europe

Dualshockers reports that TERA, the MMO that has been available in South Korea and Japan for some time, is finally opening its beta to America and Europe.

For Americans, the sign up is located right here. Europeans will have to click here for access to the beta sign up. Although the game isn't officially done, fans will finally be able to get their game on in the world of TERA.

Have you signed up yet? Let us know in the comments!

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