Card Collection was added to TERA in October 2019 patch 86. Card Collection was added to console versions of TERA in Jan 2024 all way to legendary cards.[1] However, the card effects and collecting are different.

EME has assigned key SHIFT + B to open the Card Collection. Gameforge TERA client has no key assigned. You have to open collection from Main menu->My Character->Card Collection. You'll want to assign a key for it in Options->Shortcuts->UI Menu.

Card Collection works quite similarly to Enhancement Points system. You collect cards that are shared with all characters on your account on same server. You can initially equip two cards of different types that give different bonuses. You also have total 9 points to spend on cards.

There are three rarities of cards: common (grey) and uncommon (green) and rare (Blue). There were initially 194 different cards (counting both rarities). Patch 102 added a blue rarity.

Collecting Cards[]

Some cards are given as quest rewards. Rest are collected and you need 20 card fragments for 1 complete card.

There are 5 different types of cards: Characters of TERA, Monsters, Gatherable (Ore, plant etc), Fish and Location.

Some cards are quest rewards from new quests or Exodor story quests. Quests that give cards are:

Some cards require huge grind in farming certain mobs in certain location, fishing, gathering or doing dungeons. Some cards are available from reputation merchants with Vanguard Initiative, Exodor Justicar or Free Exodor credits, which require doing daily missions.

Expanding and completing card collection (even "bad" cards) is important, since size of collection determines how many cards you can equip. Also completing the collection gives awards, like powerful cards or random card fragments. Collecting all the cards available in initial set and events gets you to about 2/3 of level 3, which allows equipping 4 cards and gives 15 equip points. It's not possible to get all collection awards with cards that were initially released. This means more cards will be released later.

There has been several events related to Card Collection.

  • First event soon after CC release gave new green "Starlight Festival Elin" and "Blood Festival Elin" character cards.
  • Second event in spring 2020 gave Syona, Hasmina, Fraya, Rhodos, Kaia and Velik character cards and and also Elins from previous event. 8 event characters have only uncommon green version.
  • Summer 2020 event added new card type "Mount". These cards can be used in addition of previous cards (although they take equip points).

December 2020 patch v101 added blue (rare) rarity cards and 5 new characters, 23 new monsters, 10 new gatherable, 5 new fish, 9 new locations (patchnotes[2] seem to have different numbers. There are now total 503 different cards.

Rare versions of cards don't drop anywhere. Blue rare cards are only available thru The Card Fusion Process. There are no rare versions of event character cards (although blue mount cards exist). This means collectable cards are again more powerful than old event cards.

  • New dungeons Catalepticon and Killing Grounds have both added two new cards, one card only dropping from hard mode dungeon. These cards can't be crafted.
  • Manglemire reopening for April 2021 gave two new cards: Manglemire and Manglemore. These cards only have common and uncommon versions, uncommon version only through Selection Fusion. Cards are no tradeable. Also previous event cards are available from event merchant Olbarun.
  • Separate event running same time gives 6 new Flower themed cards in common and uncommon rarities.
  • Summer 2021 event renamed "Mount" collection to "Companion", and added 5 cards named after partners: "Loo", "Elo", "Rico", "Cocomin", "Kuncun". These cards have all three rarities. One common and one uncommon box with one fragment are mailed to you daily during the event. Also tokens ([Event] Partner Card Fragment Token) for cards (common only) drop from Vanguard quests (dungeons, some solo dungeons, battlegrounds).
  • August 2021 new dungeon Fusion Laboratory added cards "Rogash" and "Fusion Laboratory", later only from hard mode Cursed Fusion Laboratory. Summer event tokens give Starlight, Hero, Flower and Mount cards.
  • September 2021 event BG Coastal Battleground gives two new cards: Red Water Balloon (5500 mamp+pamp, 4 points), Blue Water Balloon (0.04 mcp+pcp, 4 points). These cards go into Companion category. Only blue versions exists.
  • February 2022 patch 114 add 4 new cards from new dungeons: (monster) Shandra Manaya, Slayer Hellen, and panorama cards from hard mode dungeons. This also add 4 legendary cards by combining rare cards: (character) Kaia, Velik, (gatherable) Sky Lotus, Frost Flower.[3]

Collection Levels[]

collection level points cards duplicates
level 1 9 2
level 2 12 3
level 3 15 4
level 4 18 5 2
level 5 21 6 2

Collection level 4 opens possibility to equip two cards from same class, ie. two different character cards.

Card Fusion[]

This is a new process to combine extra cards for a small gold cost to create new cards. This is currently the only way to make rare cards.

The new button is on the bottom of your Inventory tab in the lower right corner.

Once you open this menu you can manually select 4 different cards to fuse into a new card. You can also choose automatically by selecting common or uncommon cards.

After that you can go to the second tab and select specifics to go for a upgraded card type.

For each type of card you do not upgrade you gain mileage points. At 1000 mileage points you can exchange them for 20 mileage tokens which opens a new card menu to choose what you want to buy with your tokens.

Inventory special selections

The new Inv tab buttons

Card Fusion Random and Mileage

The new menu

Equipping and Effect[]

Equipping cards have effects like new Physical or Magical Amplification (attack) or Resistance (defense), attack/defence vs. certain type of monsters, crit power, PVP attack or defense, faster gathering or fishing, or experience boost on Skill Advancement XP.

Characters of TERA:

  • Physical / Magic Amplification and resistance
  • Monster aggro


  • Physical / Magic Amplification and resistance based on race target: Ancestor, Argon, Azart, Beast, Demon, Dragon, Faerie, God, Giant, Magical Creature, Magical Device.


  • more HP or mana
  • Mana restoration
  • Gathering time
  • Mount movement speed


Location cards (occasionally "panorama"):

  • Crit power
  • PVP attack/defense
  • HP recovery (more health restored on healing)
  • Skill XP bonus

Mounts cards:

  • Physical amp and resistance, crit power, magical amp and resistance and crit power
  • Cats for fishing

Card Builds[]

Generally, for PVE you want to equip:

  • location cards for maximum crit power (physical or magic depending on class)
  • best character card you have, which gives most amplification for your skills
  • companion card for more crit power or amplification
  • monster card for correct type monster (monster cards are pretty much min-maxing, they usually replace character card for minimal bonus)
  • fish card for some crit factor

Character cards should be switched to match dungeon boss type.

For PVP must is:

  • gatherable card for more HP
  • location card for PVP attack/defense and HP recovery
  • combat movement speed
  • character card for defense or amplification

For fishing:

  • fish/cat card for Auto-fishing time
  • fish/cat card Wait Time for manual fishing

August 2021 builds[]

August 2021 ultimate build for classes using physical weapons (not including Lancer, Valkyrie):

  • Fusion Laboratory (0.09 pcp, 5 points)
  • Killing Grounds (0.08 pcp, 5 points)
  • Diamond Dragon (0.04 pcp, 3 points)
  • Kuncun (0.02 pcp, 2 points)
  • Rhodos (3 points)
  • Samael (3 points)

This gives 0.23 physical crit power and 4812 phys. amplification.

Fusion Laboratory kills Valkyrie's Runeburst. Without Fusion Laboratory use:

  • Training Center: Draakon Arena (0.08 pcp, 6 points)
  • Edwin

Alternative good crit power cards: Energy Transfer Post (very easy to get), Highwatch. Physical amp: Halrath.

Magic DPS classes[]

This is setup for DPS classes that rely on magic. This includes sorcerer, ninja, reaper and gunner.

For magic DPS classes August 2021 build is:

  • Catalepticon (0.09 mcp, 5 points)
  • Allemantheia (0.08 mcp, 6 points)
  • Spirit Dragon (0.04 mcp, 3 points)
  • Elo (0.02 mcp, 2 points)
  • Karba the Revered (3 points)
  • Karihne (2 points)

Total 0.23 magic crit power and 3282 magic amp.

Alternative good magic crit power cards are Goldenscale, Seren's Garden, Rogash's Garden. Alternative magic amp cards: Syona, Dougal, Melony.


For priest and mystic, goal is to max magic resistance since buffs and shield strength depend in this stat. Best value is Randun + Leander which give total 5085 magic resistance. However, Randun also has negative magic amplification value. This can be a real problem for a healer with low gear.

Magic resistance cards with no negative side effects are Velik and Tanseril. There also exists one companion card with magic resistance, Flame Phoenix and one gatherable, Lily. (Fill rest slots with magic amp cards for more healing: Armored Dragon, Loo).

Alternative build to go DPS and use cards with magic amplification and magic resistance: Fraya, Zolyn, Karba the Revered, Melony, and fill rest slots with magic crit power cards.


For PVP go with most HP: Xermetal Ore, Plain Stone (total +7.4% HP). PVP cards have emphasis on either PVP attack or PVP defense.

Collection Effects[]

Recommended Collection Effects are Piscivore (2 cats) and effect matching boss type. For single-burn fights (1 to 2 min max) consider The Floristry Commission (ALL flower cards).

For some dungeons Fellow Goblins effect is must (invincible 3 sec after resurrection). This allows walking away from a puddle that would instantly kill you (like Fusion Lab puddle on room edges).

There is really one good collection effect for PVP: That's It! (+7% damage on stunned, staggered, knocked down target). Bluish Blue (+2 PVP defense when under 50% HP) is meh. But there are several effect which give +1% more HP: At Last United, War and Peace.

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