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SHIFT + B To Open!
'''Card Collection''' was added to [[TERA]] in October 2019 patch 86.
'''Card Collection''' was added to [[TERA]] in October 2019 patch 86.

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SHIFT + B To Open!

Card Collection was added to TERA in October 2019 patch 86.

Card Collection works quite similarly to Enhancement Points system. You collect cards that are shared with all characters on your account. You can initially equip two cards of different type that give different bonuses.

There are initially two rarities of cards: common and uncommon (green). There are initially 194 different cards (counting both rarities).

Collecting Cards

Some cards are given as rewards of quests. Rest are collected and you need 20 card fragments for 1 complete card.

There are 5 different types of cards: Characters of TERA, Monsters, Gatherable (Ore, plant etc), Fish and Location.

Some cards are quest rewards from new quests or Exodor story quests.

Some cards require huge grind in farming certain mobs in certain location, fishing, gathering or doing dungeons. Some cards are available from reputation merchants with Vanguard Initiative, Exodor Justicar or Free Exodor credits, which require doing daily missions.

Expanding and completing card collection (even "bad" cards) is important, since size of collection determines how many cards you can equip. Also completing the collection gives awards, like powerful cards or random card fragments.

It's not possible to get all collection awards with cards that were initially released. This means more cards will be released later.

There has been two events related to Card Collection. First event soon after CC release gave new green "Starlight Festival Elin" and "Blood Festival Elin" cards. Second event in spring 2020 gave Syona, Hasmina, Fraya, Rhodos, Kaia and Velik cards and and also Elins from previous event.

Equipping and Effect

Equipping cards have effects like new Physical or Magical Amplification (attack) or Resistance (defense), attack/defence vs. certain type of monsters, crit power, PVP attack or defense, faster gathering or fishing, or experience boost on Skill Advancement XP.

Characters of TERA:

  • Physical / Magic Amplification and resistance
  • Monster aggro


  • Physical / Magic Amplification and resistance race target


  • more HP or mana
  • Mana restoration
  • Gathering time
  • Mount movement speed


Location cards:

  • Crit power
  • PVP attack/defense
  • HP recovery (more health restored on healing)
  • Skill XP bonus

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