Character refers to an interactive humanoid representation of a game persona. Characters controlled by a player are most often referred to as a character and sometimes as avatar or toon. Characters controlled by the game are usually referred to as Non-Player Characters or NPCs.

As of patch 76 in October 2018 each server can have 21 slots for characters.[1]

Characteristics of character in TERA include: race, appearance, class, learned skills, profession, talents (EP points), and equipment and other items. Items are stored in inventory that is part of character. Some items like pets and mounts are learned from skill books and work like skills.

Certain equipment character has can only be used by that character. This is called soulbound equipment. Soulbinding happens either when item is picked up (usually weapon and other gear) or equipped first time (usually costumes). In addition some items from character's inventory can not be stored to bank or traded and stay on one character.

Is addition to leveling up you can develop the character by gaining achievements and titles.