Chronicles of the Argon War
Chronicles of the Argon War.pngQuest Item
For level 1 or above

Cannot trade. No sale value. This item can’t be stored in the guild bank.
Dalmuri's book recording the events of the Argon War.

Chronicles of the Argon War is a quest item received as a reward for finishing the quest One Father's Legacy. The book, written by Dalmuri, gives background lore about the First Argon War and roles of Elleon, Fraya, Kaidun, Hasmina and Syona in it. It also mentions the creation of the Valkyon Federation and general Catharnach who was a key person in it.

It mentions that Amena Quatla was a "lost city", sealed away by powerful magic until it was revealed to the outside world. This also revealed Sikander, who was in deep slumber and allowed Thulsa and Killian to exploit him.

The events described in the book took place while the player was patrolling Stepstone Isle or even before that.

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While Elleon, Hasmina, and I traveled to Southern Shara, we received a message from Allemantheia saying that creatures known as argons had attacked in the north and now occupied the region surrounding Kaiator.

Kaiator itself still stood, of course, protected as it was by Kaia's shield - but for how much longer?

The argons had broken through the northern defenses and advanced quickly south, almost to the walls of Kaiator. The message described them as mechanical golems, but a completely different order from anything we knew.

They were certainly as relentless as golems, though far more powerful. And, while most seemed mindless, other possessed an eerie intelligence.

No one knew where they had come from.

The queen asked me to represent the kingdom at a war congress in Velika. Deligates representing many races attended to discuss their concerns about an invasion so near the amani capitol.

Seven races sent delegates to the human capitol to discuss a course of action. Commander Fraya represented the elves, while General Kaidun, who came with her from Allemantheia, spoke for the amani.

The meeting dragged on. Some insisted on sending a delegation to negotiate with the argons, while others argued for going immediately to Kaiator's defense.

It was Velik who broke the stalemate, appearing before the congress in support of fielding a large and well-equipped army to counter this powerful alien threat.

She warned that any enemy strong enough to overwhelm the amani forces and threaten Kaiator would eventually menace us all.

In the end we agreed to send our armies. There was no Valkyon Federation, and no coordinated command of forces.

Eventually, the leadership and wisdom of General Catharnach would led to the creation of the federation, but at that time we were a handful of separate nations, not far removed from warring with one another.

We had little or no cohesion and no real plan of action except to get our troops to Northern Shara. So that's what we did.

With Northern Shara occupied by the argons and pegasus transport disabled, we needed to establish communication and transportation between Velika and the war zone. Establishing secure teleportals at both ends would be crucial to fast action, and that depended on having someone in Northern Shara. At present, with Kaiator effectively cut off, we had no one.

Elleon - ever the bold one - volunteered to lead the infiltration.

Elleon asked me to join his infiltration team, to which I assented eagerly. Hasmina had already voluntereed, of course. Like Elleon, she never ran from a challenge.

We recruited the rest from the best of a crowd of enthusiastic candidates. Within three days we departed for Northern Shara with teleportals and a flight stone attuned to Allemantheia - where the armies already gathered.

On the way north we encoutered a band of free sikandaris who'd been evading the argons thus far. I knew a bit of their language, and translated for the rest.

The sikandari said they knew the location of Amena Quatla, Sikander's legendary lost city. After speaking with Elleon and I for some time, they agreed to break the seal that had hidden the city from sight for so long.

Now we would have a base from which to strike the argons.

The argons could not anticipate this plan. The very land from which we would attack would not even exist in this world until the sikandari unsealed it.

We placed the flight stone in Susurrus Woods, creating a pagasus platform route from Allemantheia, and set up enough teleportals to bring in our troops and supplies.

When all was in place, our armies moved out for Kaiator and victory.

Relieving Kaiator cost us greatly, and it was not the end of the war. However, it was the kind of victory that sets hearts afire, and from that fire we forged alliances.

Other armies would fight other battles, and still more battles yet remain to be fought. But on this day, Kaiator - Kaia's unbroken iron shield - shone as a beacon that still glowns in the hearts of all who continue to fight for freedom, and for life itself, against the argon invaders.

After Kaiator, we went our separate ways - Elleon to Allemantheia, Hasmina to some other part of the argon front. I turned back toward Seeliewood to help heal the land the argons had nearly destroyed.

When I had been back for some time, I had a dream. Seren appeared to me at the Lake of Tears and crowned me Princess of the Black Lands.

When I awoke, I took the road north again, towar the devastation, toward the fighting, toward the place where history will be made.

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