Circlet is a type of equipment, worn by all classes. Circlet goes to helmet slot in character profile.

Circlets were first released in January 2017 and dropped in Broken Prison along with materials to craft higher level one. Basic circlets later dropped in Velik's Hold.

Circlet is now part of equipment given upon reaching level 65 and can be upgraded to higher gear. Circlet has one rollable enigmatic line. Choose power or crit factor depending your other equipment build. Healers can also choose endurance.

Upgraded circlets have "Concentration I/II/II" lines. Definitions from original Focused Circlet and Focused Diadem are:

  • Concentration I
    • Replenishes 3% of maximum MP per second for 10 seconds.
  • Concentration II
    • Replenishes 5% of maximum MP per second for 10 seconds.

These abilities trigger randomly when casting skill and are important in keeping your mana up.


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