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A class is a style of gameplay which determines the role of a character (tank, offense, or healer), type of weapon (twin swords, lance, axe, greatsword, runeglaive, disc, bow, staff, arcannon, powerfists, scythes, shuriken or scepter), armor (metal, leather or cloth) and skills available for a character of use.

There are thirteen playable classes in Fate of Arun. Each class comes with a unique set of usable skills, with the ability to glyph most of the available skills for personal customization of the character.

List of classes[]

The Archer[]


The Archer is a lightly armored class which specializes in a bow capable of long ranged damage-dealing. Their bow allows them to shoot devastating blows toward the enemy from a safe distance. The Archer is quite agile, being able to dodge and move quickly across the battlefield.

The Berserker[]


The Berserker is a heavily armored melee class with the role of offensive damage dealer. The class weapon, a large axe, allows the berserker to create devastatingly powerful, but uncontrollable blows. Their attack range is very narrow, requiring great precision.

The Brawler[]


The Brawler is a heavy armor class that specializes in melee fighting using Powerfists. Brawlers build up their rage whenever they use their skills. Once their rage is enough, they can unleash furious attacks. Brawlers are known for tanking as well as causing massive damage to multiple enemies. The brawler also has the skill Counter as a defense mechanism, allowing them to block frontal damage and deal some back to the enemy.

The Gunner[]


The Gunner is a heavy armor ranged DPS class which unleashes powerful attacks using an Arcannon. They can also summon constructs which can damage opponents and heal the player at the same time. Gunners are commonly known for their crowd control skills and agile defenses, but the right combo of skills can make gunners into deadly fighters.

The Lancer[]


The Lancer is a heavily armored class which specializes in a lance with melee defensive capabilities. Since they have a large shield alongside the lance, most attacks can be blocked, after which the lancer can retaliate from a distance using their lance. With such heavy armor and weapons, the Lancer is very slow.

The Mystic[]


The Mystic is a cloth armored class which specializes in a scepter with long ranged supportive healing capabilities. Controlling the powers of Arun and Shara, their main focus is to heal their allies and to hinder their enemies, whilst keeping a distance from the battlefield. They also have the ability to drain the essence from their enemies, granting it to their allies and summoning powerful minions to support them at need.

The Ninja[]


The ninja is a cloth armored melee DPS class that uses a Shuriken to deal damage. Ninjas are a very mobile class focused on evading enemy attacks and chaining skills into combos, which can make them difficult to master. They generate Chi, which can be used to trigger powerful abilities.

The Priest[]


The priest is a cloth armor class which specializes in a staff with long ranged supportive healing capabilities. Power granted by the blessing of Shakan, Zenobia, Seren, Balder, and Arachne to enhance their powers and great worshippers of Yurian, the God of Justice, as they rely solely on him to aid in combat when healing is needed the most. The Priest is considered one of the best support classes, alongside the Mystic.

The Reaper[]


The reaper is a leather-wearing class that uses dual chain scythes to dispatch their foes. Reapers begin at level 50, but you may only create a reaper if you have another class that is already level 40 on your server. Once you do, you’ll begin in their starting zone in the midst of the destruction of Pora Elinu. The reaper is a very mobile class that utilizes its chain scythes not only to damage, but also absorb health and whip across the battlefield.

The Slayer[]


The Slayer is a lightly armored class which specializes in a greatsword with melee offensive damage-dealing capabilities. Being a deadly foe worth some forethought before engaging, the Slayer's way of fighting involves great powers which would end in destruction if not avoided.

The Sorcerer[]


The Sorcerer is a cloth armored class which specializes in a disc with long ranged offensive damage-dealing capabilities. Although what seems the weakest of all in terms of defense, Sorcerers makes up for it with its great knowledge of magical spells, varying from strong area attacks to lock on skills, all together creating a devastating blow to any boss and/or group of monsters .

The Valkyrie[]

Valk Symbol.png

The valkyrie is a close-combat specialist with a dual-focus of crowd control and burst damage. She uses an intricately-carved runeglaive to brand runemarks onto enemies and explode them for massive damage. Being another lightly armored fighter, the Valkyrie relies on being mobile and evading enemy attacks while she deals out high damage to her enemies.

The Warrior[]


The Warrior is a lightly armored class which specializes in a pair of twin swords with melee offensive damage-dealing capabilities. The main traits of the Warrior are agility and fast execution skills. Although not the best when it comes to taking a hit, a good Warrior utilizes great dodging skills and their fast movement speed to avoid hits.

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