Cloth Armor is the equipment used by mystics, priests, sorcerers, and ninjas. The entire set is composed of a robe, a pair of sleeves, and a pair of shoes. Cloth Armor provides very low defense and balance modifiers, requiring the wearer to rely much more on dodging, avoiding damage, and self-healing.

Cloth Armor can be obtained from various methods, including NPC shops, other players via direct trade or via the Brokerage, enemy drops, reward from quests, or crafting through the skill Tailoring.

Parts of Cloth Armor Set[]

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Armor Metal
(Hauberks, Gauntlets, Greaves)
(Cuirasses, Gloves, Boots)
(Robes, Sleeves, Shoes)
Belt Underwear
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TERA PC Halidom Relic
Console Stigma Bracelet
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