Cooking is a crafting skill used to craft various food and drink items that players can consume to receive buffs. Players can also cook food for their pets.

Cooking requires a variety of different items that be acquired by fishing, gathering and purchasing items from NPCs.

There are 23 different cooking recipes sorted into five categories for players to learn and craft. The five categories are: Battle Dishes, Normal Dishes, Drinks, Cooking Ingredients, and Pet Treats.

Players are initially only able to learn and craft recipes that require a cooking skill of 300 or less, which limits a player to only eight recipes. When a player reaches a cooking skill of 500 they are able to take an Artisan Test which, once completed, will enable a player to learn and craft more advanced level recipes.

Cooking Guide Edit

The following is a quick guide intended to inform players on the basics of Cooking. If you require information about crafting a specific item, please refer to the page for that item.

Acquiring Recipes Edit

Before any cooking can be done, you must ensure that you have learned the recipe for the item you wish to make. Cooking Recipes can be purchased from a Fishing Supplies Shop. Some recipes require the player to be at a certain Cooking skill level before they can be learned. Recipes are learned by being right-clicked.

Acquiring Ingredients Edit

Cooking ingredients are acquired by Gathering plants, purchasing items from a Fishing Supplies Shop, and Cooking. There are two different categories of ingredients:

Crafting/Cooking Edit

When you have learned the necessary recipe to cook the item you want, and you have all the ingredients you need, you can begin crafting. You need to open the crafting window (Default: J) and select the item you wish to craft under the cooking category. Select 'Craft' on the bottom right of the screen.

Cooking Products Edit

Battle Dishes Normal Dishes Drinks Cooking Ingredients Pet Treats
Boiled Egg Fish Salad Fruit Wine Cream Common Pet Food
Fish Fry Seafood Mushroom Salad Lein's Dark Root Beer Dressing Juicy Pet Food
Steamed Fish Pickled Verida Root Apple Moon Smoothie Vinegar
Fish Soup Moongourd Pie Distilled Liquor
Fish Steak
Fish Fritters
Pickled Fish
Spicy Fish Buffet
Hot Fish Buffet
Salty Fish Buffet

Rootstock Festival Edit

Cooking is also part of the Rootstock Festival, held in the Freeholds, which occurs around the end of summer/beginning of fall every year. Cooking during the Rootstock Festival and cooking by Crafting, are similar, but different systems. The festival has items that are similar to items used in the cooking system, such as Cobseed, but the materials are not the same. The two systems use separate materials and do not share anything.

Also, cooking during the Rootstock Festival is limited to the festival grounds. Normal Cooking is not limited to certain areas.

History Edit

Cooking was added to the computer version of TERA in a December 2018 update [1][2].

The recipes for Pet Treats were added to the computer version of TERA in a May 2019 update [3][4]. This update also brought major changes to the Pet System in TERA.

Cooking was added to TERA on the PS4 and XBOX during a July 2019 update.[5]

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References Edit

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