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Ocean Blue Shades, Straw Boater hat with Royal Scout's Vest costume

"When you’re killing monsters and saving the world, it’s important to maintain your keen fashion sense. You don’t want to immortalize last year’s trends (so five minutes ago) when someone snaps your image for the cover of the Castanica Chronicle. TERA costumes ensure you look damn sharp achieving greatness on the battlefield[1]."

Costumes are used to change a players appearance. Costumes do not increase or decrease a players stats. They are cosmetic only and not necessary for any part of the game. Costumes become soul-bound when equipped, meaning they cannot be traded once worn.

Previously, costumes could be purchased to only last for certain periods of time, like 7 days and 30 days. This is uncommon now, with almost all costumes that are sold being permanent.

Some costumes are available with Fashion Coupons earned in-game. Many events also give costumes. And there is always cash shop which supports TERA's free-to-play model.

Profile menu Costuming tab has several slots for costumes to wear:

  • Costume: Hair
  • Costume: Face
  • Costume: Back
  • Costume: Body
  • Weapon Skin
  • Footsteps

Weapon Skin Edit

For more info see: Weapon Skin

Weapon Skins (Weapon costumes) change the appearance of your characters weapon. Weapon costumes are different for each class. These items generally make a players weapon silly or cool.

Armor Costumes Edit

For more info see: Armor Costume

Armor or Body costumes change the appearance of your characters armor. Armor costumes are different for each gender and race. Wearing a costume will change the appearance of all the armor your character is wearing. These items are generally things like dresses, suits, and outfits.

Hair Costumes Edit

For more info see: Hair Costume

Hair costumes are worn on top of your characters head. These items are generally things like headbands and hats.

Face Costumes Edit

For more info see: Face Costume

Face costumes are worn on your characters face. These items are generally things like glasses and masks.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. NA TERA Store for PC

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