NOTE: this article is being updated and may not be 100% accurate per December 2018 changes[1][2]

Crafting is the way through which players can create potions, food, enchanting materials and other useful items. There are five crafting skills: Alchemy, Cooking, Etching, Processing, Smelting

Each skill you use to craft gains you points in the class. At 300 and 500 points more recipes become available to you.

Every character is able to take on all the skills at the same time up to a maximum skill level of 500. After reaching a skill level of 500 in a crafting skill a player is allowed to take an Artisan Test, which will increase the level cap in that skill to 800. However, you may only be an Artisan in one skill per character. Once you reach a skill level of 800, you can test to become a Master Artisan. Once you complete the first Master you may then take on your second Artisan Craft.

A player can reset a skill to 500 using a Revival Fruit purchased from any Profession Vendor. If you reset a crafting skill, all recipes know that are above 499 will be lost forever and any investments made with be gone.

Production Points[]

The crafting system requires production points (PP's). PP's are used for each gathering attempt (10 PP) and are also used to craft items and materials (varying PP cost). PP's are account bound meaning that all characters on the same account and server share them. PP's are not shared between servers. PP's regenerate at a rate of 15 PP every 5 minutes while online, and 15 PP every 20 minutes while offline. There are items that can recover PP's instantly and can be bought. Crafter's Cure restores 1,000 PP while Crafter's Cure-All restores 4,000 PP.

Crafting Skills[]

Crafting Skill Raw Materials Required Refined Materials Required Products
Alchemy Essences, Craft Kits Dyes, Reagents, Jewels Jewels, Additives,
Potions, Dyes
Smelting Ores, Golden Talents,
Craft Kits
Ingots, Silexes,
Fish Filet, Golden Darics
Enchanting Materials, Ingots,
Gathering Tools, Fish Crates
Processing Silver Talents, Essences, Craft Kits Fish Filet, Silexes,
Ingots, Silver Siglos
Enchanting Materials, Silexes,
Accessories, Bait
Etching Titan's Ember, Titan's Truce, Titan's Ease,
Titan's Temper, Craft Kits
Silexes, Fieldstones, Etching Powder,
Etching Dust, Etching Sand, Etching Grit
Gear Etchings, Fieldstones
Cooking Plants, Cooking Ingredients Battle Dishes, Cooking Ingredients,
Fish Filet
Battle Dishes, Normal Dishes,
Drinks, Cooking Ingredients

Crafting Basics[]

Crafting is generally a 3-step process:

Learn the Recipe --> Gather the Materials --> Craft the Item

Most recipes follow this guideline, but some can be longer.

Most recipes can be bought from NPCs. The rarer ones, however, can only be obtained as drops from mobs or bought from other players. Once the recipe has been obtained, learning it is as simple as right-clicking the recipe from the player's inventory.

There are three ways to get materials:


Gathering is a necessary part of crafting. While most materials can be bought from other players, some must be gathered by yourself as they cannot be traded. There are four kinds of raw materials that can be gathered. They are:

There are some materials that are gathered by chance when gathering other items, such as Titan's Ease and Nature's Aura.

Then there are other materials that you cannot gather on your own, but must purchase from NPCs. These are things like Fresh Milk and Craft Kits.