Crystal Merchant sells crystals.

Most crystal shops have same inventory, selling Hexage, Pentant, Concach and Crux crystals for level 20 and higher gear. Exception seems to be Lumbertown's Catrine's Shop which has Rhomb and Cabochon crystals from level 1 and 11. Until the valkyrie patch crystal merchants sold weaker common crystals and uncommon ones were only a loot or guest reward(?).

Vanguard Initiative Crystal Merchant sells Niveot, Zyrk and Vyrsk crystals.

List of NPC's[]

Southern Arun[]

  • Catrine's Shop, Lumbertown
  • Andersen, Pora Elinu
  • Juticia, Chebika
  • Baudwin, Castanica
  • Gardeng, North Dock in Island of Dawn

Northern Arun[]

  • Jintarot, Amadjuak Trading Post
  • Omark, Bazaar in Highwatch

Southern Shara[]

  • Fliona, Tria
  • Leshua, Acarum
  • Jikar, Bastion
  • Kias, Elenea
  • Elrafe, Frontera

Northern Shara[]

  • Ansho, Link Street in Kaiator
  • Bilokad, Link Street in Kaiator
  • Shemius, Hall of Strength in Kaiator
  • Lansha, Kaiator Western Gate
  • Zekt, Dragonfall
  • Azar, Habere
  • Marren, Habere
  • Kanist, Kanstria
  • Mestis, Pathfinder Post
  • Kaarah, Pathfinder Post
  • Hazeeb, Zulfikar Fortress