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Deadly Gamble
Skill information
Tooltip description
Deadly GambleDeadly Gamble.png
Cast time Instant
MP cost 333
Cooldown 120sec
Increases your crit rate by 36 for 20sec, but decreases your crit resistance by 30.
Level 48
Class Warrior
Source Tactics Instructor
Mana cost 333
Cast time Instant
Cooldown 120sec

Deadly Gamble is an active skill that can be learned by warriors at level48.

Deadly Gamble dramatically increases warrior's damage through higher critical hit chance.

This skill's name comes from early version when it also increased warrior's chance to get hit by a critical hit by enemies. This disadvantage has now been removed.

After patch 87 activating Deadly Gamble also resets some attack skills. This was before unlock of level 69 skill option Bellicosity (after level 70 patch).[1][2]

After patch 87 option Bellicosity increases Deadly Gamble duration by 20% and also increases skill damage of Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, Scythe and Aerial Scythe by 12% (even outside Deadly Gamble).

Deadly Gamble has two other alternative unlocks. One options gives warrior auto-block for some skills. This option also reduces damage of main skills by 12%. If you want low-damage auto-blocking tank try brawler instead.

Third option is increased PVP damage to all allies.

Rank table[edit | edit source]

Deadly Gamble can be bought from Tactics Instructor. This skill cannot be upgraded.

Rank Level Cost +Crit Chance -Crit Resistance
I 48 11Gold coin 02Silver coin 98Copper coin 36 30

Glyphs[edit | edit source]

Upon learning Deadly Gamble, glyph points can be allocated on this skill. At level 60, a character has 50 glyph points available to spend on all available warrior glyphs. Most glyphs, specifically common glyphs are learned automatically, while Master Glyphs must be looted from enemies or bought at a Trade Broker.

Icon Name Points Effects Glyph Type
? Glyph of Energy 4 Decreases cooldown by 25%. Basic

Gallery[edit | edit source]


Rain of Blows

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