Destroyers are one of the species of enemies in the game TERA.


  • Ecology: Tainted Gorge, Island of Dawn; assorted other locations on both Arun and Shara
  • Variants: Destroyer, Cruel Inquisitor, Coalheart Inquisitor, Slave Warden, Slave Overseer, various others on both continents
  • Notable Destroyers: Kugai
  • Attacks: right hand punch, jumping attack, ground-pounding, handclap (special attack)
  • Defenses: Destroyers depend far more on offense than defense. Their main advantage in a fight is the fact that despite being melee fighters, they can damage at a distance of eight meters.
  • Weaknesses: Evade their right hand punches by staying on their left side. Rush in for a counterattack after their jumping attack, when they are briefly immobile and vulnerable. When you see them initiate the special attack, dodge backwards.


These horrid abominations are said to have been mortal men at some point. Now, they have been horribly corrupted by the power of the Nexus that several cults have harnessed.


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