Disc Reapers

Disc Reapers (species) are one of the enemies in the game TERA.


  • Ecology: Tainted Gorge, Island of Dawn; assorted locations on Arun and Shara. Demonic hirelings, they are not known to be native to any region.
  • Variants: Disc Reaper, Merciless Disc Reaper, Armored Disc Reaper, Mindless Disc Reaper, Mad Disc Reaper
  • Attacks: Two-part disc attack—hits on the outbound part of the trajectory, and again on the inbound.
  • Defenses: A disc reaper's best defense is the offense of its boomerang disc attack. When aggressed, they also sometimes try to involve nearby disc reapers in the fight.
  • Weaknesses: The disc reaper uses only one effective attack, and it’s clearly telegraphed every time



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