The Divine War was a conflict that erupted centuries before the events of TERA, when the Gods of Shara and Arun fought against each other in a cataclysmic war. All the gods eventually were either killed or stripped of much of their power, which marked the end of the Age of Deities. Thulsa is said to have started the War.


The Divine War was a conflict between the Gods loyal to Shara and the Gods loyal to Arun. Gidd, loyal to Arun, led his followers against Thulsa and his other traitorous children. Because, of this, the War either killed off or stripped many of the God's powers. In the end, Thulsa and Gidd lost, as they were both stripped of power. After the war, many races were adopted by the remaining gods and goddesses.

Outcome and Casualties[]

Many gods and goddesses were killed in this conflict, the most notable are:

Arun Side[]

Shara Side[]


War also marks the fall of the Elven civilization due to the Stone of Eternity being destroyed. Lore says the elves split into two factions. For unknown reasons only the High Elves remain.

The Humans, created by the god Gidd, but cursed by him, and left to wander, persevered through the hardships. After the War ended, the goddess Velik took pity of them and gave them a homeland and build the City of Wheels for them.

Elinu hide Elins and popori during the War and they escaped mostly intact.

The Amani still endured many generations of slavery under the Giants after the Divine War.