Elinu's Relic Piece
Collect all the pieces of Elinu's relic to create a weapon imbued with the goddess's power.
Area(s) you can find relic pieces:
Celestial Hills, Bastion of Lok, Bastion of Lok (Solo),Cliffs of Insanity, Vale of the Fang, Paraanon Ravine, Freeholds, Tenebrous Mines, Basilisk Crag, Sinestral Manor, Sinestral Manor (Solo), Azarel's Labyrinth, Pirate Grotto, Mistmoor Island

Source Edit

  • Dropped from monsters

Avatar Weapons Edit

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Sting Breeze The Tender Mercies Budding Boom Equinox Rifle Summer's Slay Rain & Shiner Unknown [edit] Vernaldance Stun Rise Winter's Bite Autumn Bruise Painfall Burbling Hook

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