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Title Expedition Commander, Valkyon Hero
Gender Male
Race High Elf
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation Valkyon Federation, Allemantheia
Occupation Ideal soldier of the Valkyon Federation
Status Alive
"It's time to take action!"–Elleon

Elleon is a powerful prefect soldier of the Valkyon Federation. He led the First Expedition to the Island of Dawn and challenged his own fate to uncover the conspiracy within the Federation.

His actions for the Federation has earned him great honor and praise. People across Arborea consider him a Valkyon hero for all that he has done.

Appearance Edit

Elleon is a high elf with blue eyes and white long hair, half turned back above and across his ear with five blue dyed strips above the left ear and half covering his right side. He is equipped with a full suit of silver plated armor. He carries a greatsword which can be separated into a smaller greatsword and a one handed sword to create a pair of twin swords.[1] His ability and unique weaponry is something a mystery as he does not fit into either the warrior or slayer category, indicating that he belongs to a unique class only obtainable by heroes.[2]

During his time as the Black Hood, he wore a black hood covering his head to avoid being seen as he was wanted. He kept the hood during the time he was hiding in Velika to avoid detection by Samael's soldiers. He is not seen wearing the hood again after he leaves for Ostgarath.

History Edit

The First Expedition Edit

Elleon was sent to the Island of Dawn as leader of the first expedition. The majority of the expedition was wiped out and Elleon disappeared under suspicious circumstances whilst battling demons on the cliffs.

The Second Expedition Edit

The second expedition to the Island of Dawn was led by Elleon's brother Leander in the hopes of discovering what happened to the first expedition as well as his brother's whereabouts.

Whilst Elleon himself was not found, his sword was recovered. The expedition succeeded in claiming the island and the defeat of the demon Karascha led to the discovery of a tome hinting at Elleon's survival.

Uncovering the truth Edit

Elleon later resurfaced as "the Black Hood" a notorious arms dealer working with the Scions of Lok. Elleon engaged in combat with federation forces under orders from Samael to eliminate him, but was able to remove Samael's enchantments on them and solicit their help in uncovering the conspiracy at work within the federation.

Returning to Velika in disguise Elleon worked with his associates to uncover Samael's schemes. Eventually this led Elleon to travel to Ostgarath along with Jelena in order to prevent Samael from acquiring a powerful artifact from the Gulas and helped expose Samael's conspiricy to the federation.

The Missing Core Edit

Elleon cooperated with Fraya in locating the missing archmage Serion, the vessel of Allemantheia's core. He later aided Fraya and her associates in rescuing Serion from the Goddess of Plagues Akasha.

When it was discovered that Serion was no longer capable of sustaining the core's power Elleon infiltrated the Golden Labyrinth in order to locate Akasha's power transfer device.

The Beast of Destruction Edit

Elleon joined the raid on the Labyrinth of Terror which led to the death of Killian. However, he was fatally injured by Killian shortly after entering and was forced to return to Habere with Jelena. After the player kills Killian, Jelena remarks that Elleon is barely alive.

An End to War Edit

During the final campaign against Argon Queen Shandra Manaya, Elleon was not seen or mentioned at all, leaving players to guess his fate.

Quests Edit

Elleon starts the following quests:

And ends the following:

Trivia Edit

  • The story of Elleon uncovering the truth of the Federation was redesigned during development stages and had a different outcome to the current one. It was to involve Elleon facing off not only Samael, but Fraya as well. A person who Elleon greatly honors and respects.[3]
  • Elleon was initially know as "Kubel". However, this name didn't translate well to other languages, so it was changed to Elleon. Name "Kubel" was still used in early story trailer of TERA where Velik called him Kubel.
  • Elleon alongside of Fraya are the only high elves to receive unique standing animations.

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