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En Masse Entertainment (also EME) is a Seattle-based PC and mobile game-publishing company known for localizing and publishing the Korean MMO TERA in North America.

En Masse was founded to release TERA in North America. It was fully owned subsidiary of TERA development studio Bluehole Studio. In November 2018 Bluehole and its subsidiaries were rearranged horizontally under a new parent company, Krafton Game Union.

En Masse CEO is Chris Lee and and chief operating officer Soo Min Park subce 2012.

En Masse specializes in publishing online free-to-play games for PC and mobile platforms. En Masse also has a specialty with localizing video games developed in Asia and publishing them in Western markets.


"En Masse Entertainment was founded in 2009 with the goal of building loyal audiences for the finest online games in the world and a motto of 'Great Games — Great Service. En Masse successfully launched its inaugural title, TERA — a revolutionary action-combat MMO — in 2012, followed closely by the online shooter ZMR (Zombies Monsters Robots). But "Great Games — Great Service" isn't limited by platform; En Masse has expanded into mobile games with multiple titles — Fruit Attacks and Pocket Platoons"–