Max EP effect

Enhancement Points (EP points) are a system for improving your existing skills. This system was released in NA and EU in November 2018, however it has existed for a long time in KTERA. It was known as Talent Points or Talents before official translation.

(Translation referred some sorcerer skills by old names, but also includes level 65 skills, which means it was originally translated to English sometimes between TERA: Fate of Arun in early 2015 and sorcerer rework in October 2016.)

Lack of EP points in NA and EU caused class imbalances compared to Korean game. Some late game dungeons, like Red Refuge originally had special blessing that gave players extra attack power that Korean players got from Talents. This system was never added to console versions of TERA, which are balanced differently.

EP is only available if you have a level 65 character on your account. It seems you can use points even with a lower level character from around level ~50 too if you have one 65 character. ie. newly created reaper could use EP points right from the start. In late PC patches the EP system was already available after character creation (and somewhat buggy, since EP didn't count leveling changes and became available based on old skill levels). Points are shared between all characters in the same account and server.

Points are shown and can be spent in My Character->EP menu. One point is gained each time when the resource bar (EP XP) in the menu fills to 100%. Point can be spent to improve skills or raise character stats like attack power or endurance.

Gaining points[]

Forest Keeper Kumas mount

after you spend 500 points you get Forest Keeper Kumas mount

EP are mainly gained by completing Vanguard Requests. However, more XP is gained by some other actions too, like defeating high-level BAMs and enchanting a weapon to +9. Much detail how EP points are gained is not released.

It is known that the system has a catch-up mechanic: players in NA and EU gain points much faster than players in Korea do, until they reach similar numbers. This is perhaps a server setting that depends on patch level. It's also possible that new players get points at a faster rate until they catch up to older players.

First action that awards EP XP on each day has a hugely boosted rate. There's also a daily limit after which it dribbles down to a very slow rate. After a player has collected EP XP to daily limit, they get only 5% of earned EP XP. There might be a similar mechanic like "rested XP" when gaining experience points. Daily limit is carried to the next day if it's not filled.

There's a hard limit of 500 EP points. On later patches all accounts automatically get 300 points from the start.

Most important skills to improve[]

Any character can have Mighty Attack to a maximum of 23 additional power. This costs 80 points to max. Additional Mighty Defense for 23 endurance costs 70 points. This leaves 350 of 500 points for other uses.

Second most important are buffs to your boost skill. Each class has additional power available during boost and increased duration of this power boost. On gunner this is applied to Burst Fire.

Other useful talents are those that buff crit power, speed up or give a reset chance to commonly used skills. Refer to the spreadsheet linked at bottom of article.

Healers' debuff skills Triple Nemesis and Volley of Curses can be buffed to give additional crit resistance debuff (maximum of 12) to target. For healers also buffing resurrect up to 25% faster is useful.

There are some skills that simply get better with even 1 point invested. Like lancer's Threatening Shout gets 8% more aggro with just 1 point investment.

Any class that can use skill Mighty Phoenix should invest 1 point in it. This gives 50% reduced damage 5 seconds after resurrection. This should be enough to prevent quick dead immediately after resurrection.

Archer can gain an iframe for their play-dead skill Feign Death.

EP Damage should not be used. That is fixed damage that doesn't scale up with gear character has. This might only have marginal use in PVP.

Most Reload Skills reset the still timer on skill use and are extremely helpful.


Technical details
this guide is outdated as of level 70 patch. After IoD BAM nerfs from level 68 to 64 they no longer give xp