Equipment is any piece of item that can be worn to character in the Profile and Costuming tabs of the character menu. TERA uses paper doll inventory where you can drag items from inventory to slots shown on top of character. Alternatively you can right click item in inventory to equip it.

Such items gained from quest rewards or even at creating a character (like basic weapons). More equipment can be dropped by dungeon enemies or crafted.

Certain equipment can be equipped by certain classes depending on what the class specializes in. Whether it be the greatest looking bow, a blue robe, or even a laughable sunflower, you will find it all in the category below.

Starter endgame equipment is acquired from a quest when reaching level 65.

Weapons Arcannon Axe Bow Disc Greatsword Lance Powerfists Runeglaive Scepter Scythes Staff Shuriken Twin Swords
Armor Metal
(Hauberks, Gauntlets, Greaves)
(Cuirasses, Gloves, Boots)
(Robes, Sleeves, Shoes)
Belt Underwear
Jewelry Rings Earrings Necklace Brooch Circlet Mask
TERA PC Halidom Relic
Console Stigma Bracelet
Crystals Weapon Crystals Armor Crystals Accessories Crystals
Costumes Hair Face Weapon Armor