Etching is a craft skill used to make consumable scrolls that can be applied to armor and weapons. Characters must be level 60 in order to begin Etching and etching scrolls can only be applied to level 60 gear.

Applying etching to various pieces of gear provides stats buffs like power, crit rate, endurance, attack speed + cooldown reduction, aggro or healing.
Many of the etchings are obsolete. Most classes just use Energetics for attack speed and cooldown reduction (Gunner can use power too).

Etching is completed revamped in December 2018 Fishing-Crafting-Gathering patch. With new system etching is acquired from shop-like interface after crafting base material for etchings.

Etching powder, Etching dust, Etching sand, and Etching grit give tier I etching for weapon/gloves, armor/shoes, necklace/earring, ring/belt. Base material are crafted from various Silexes (crafted from essences) and Titan's Fire, Titan's Peace, Titan's Earth, or Titan's Storm.

Essences are gathered. Titanic materials are dungeon drops and also rarely found when gathering. Material for higher tier etching is processed from lower tier material with pure/vivid/lucid titanic materials.

Old Etching systemEdit

Scarab Process

Old etching system used scarab powder refined from scarabs that were gathered from either ores (Elemental scarabs), plants (Straw scarabs) and essence nodes (Aurora scarabs).

Ore > Elemental Scarab > Elemental scarab powder

Plants > Straw Scarab > Straw scarab powder

Essence > Aurora Scarab > Aurora scarab powder

Scarab powder was crafted with Engraver's Kit to tier I etching that had 3-day duration. Crit in crafting would give White Dendrite that was used to craft tier II etching, again 3-day duration, but crits gave permanent version.

Later various other etching crystals were added for higher tier etching. Titan's Ember and Titan's Ease (crafted to Titan's Fire and Titan's Peace) was needed for higher tiers also.

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