All players begin with 40 slots of inventory space. Extra Inventory can be acquired through purchase using in-game money, achievements, and quests, granting a player up to 104 slots of inventory.

NPC Expansion[]

Row Expansion Cost
1 Free
2 15Silver coin 00Copper coin
3 3Gold coin 00Silver coin 00Copper coin
4 80Gold coin 00Silver coin 00Copper coin
5 100Gold coin 00Silver coin 00Copper coin
6 300Gold coin 00Silver coin 00Copper coin

A player is initially given an additional row of inventory after they complete the quest Inventory Trick. Players may purchase additional inventory space from an Inventory Manager or Banker. Each successive row of inventory will cost more than the previous.

Note: it's recommended to use gold to unlock inventory rows before you finish quest Inventory Trick. The quest awards one row you'd have to pay gold otherwise.


There are two achievements that grant inventory space, each giving an additional row.


There are two quests that give additional rows of inventory.