You’ve got your game face on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up a little. Whether you’re too cool for school or want to play dress-up, we’ve got the glasses and masks for you!

Face costumes are worn on your characters face. These can be acquired from the TERA Store or other players via Trading and the Trade Broker. Some face costumes are earned through Achievements, Quests and more.

NOTE: This list was updated to reflect the NA computer game version and may or may not reflect what is currently available in console versions of the game.

Icon Name Icon Name
Arkai Mask

Arkai Mask

Acc 006A
Bandit's Mask
Acc 019D
Black Honker Glasses
Acc 004A
Black Horn-Rimmed Glasses
Acc 006C
Blue Bandit Mask
Acc 004B
Blue Frames
Cat ears

Cat Ears

Dracoloth Mask Face Vanity
Dracoloth Mask
Emerald Eyeglassess Face Vanity
Emerald EyeGlasses
Frostlion mask icon
Frostlion Mask
Glitzy mask icon
Glitzy Mask
Green Honker Glasses Face Vanity
Green Honker Glasses
Acc 019B
Indigo Honker Glasses
Mirrored Shades Face Vanity
Mirrored Shades
Ocean Blue Shades Face Vanity
Ocean Blue Shades
Olive banditmask icon
Olive Bandit Mask
Pirate eyepatch icon
Pirate Eye Patch
Red honker icon
Red Honker Glasses
Redlash mask icon
Red Lash Mask
Rubyrims icon
Ruby Rims
Shadowcat mask icon
Shadowcat Mask
Sanguine shades icon
Sanguine Shades
Fiery Shades Face Vanity
Sunset Shades
Whitesand shades icon
White Sand Shades 60px Dwarf Orcan Mask

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