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Fishing on Celsian Lake

Fishing is an activity added to TERA in the December 2018 update "Treasures of the Deep" [1]. Fishing is available to players of any level and can be performed both manually and automatically. When performed manually, players are able to play a short mini-game to catch a fish.

Fishing was effectively killed as moneymaker and leveling in May 2020 patch. Reason for this was widespread botting. Fishmonger no longer gives you money, but tickets for consumables. Also you need to be level 67 (on PC) to equip a bait.

Level 68 players can learn how to fish by speaking with the popori Waining, in Highwatch, which will kick off the Fishing Association quest-line. You receive an Old Fishing Rod through the initial Fishing quest in this line, “Let’s Go Fishing.” This fishing rod can also be bought from a Fishing Supplies Shop.

There are 42 different species of fish, divided up into ten different grades. Beyond grade ten, the largest and most valuable species are called “Big-Ass Fish” aka BAF.

Caught fish can be sold to an Association Fishmonger, Federation Resource Manager or dismantled into Fish Filet for cooking and smelting. Fish can also be sold to standard merchants, but players will receive a much lower price than a Fishmonger would give.

All fisheries have an Angler Token Vendor who sells better fishing rods, special bait, bait designs and fish crate designs in exchange for Angler Tokens. Every fish caught gives you one or more Angler Token. There is a Vanguard Request called Fishing! So much fun! that asks you to catch 10 fish and rewards you with 20 Angler Tokens.

How To Fish Edit

Fishing can only be done in one of the six predetermined fisheries across Arborea. Fishing requires two items: bait and a fishing rod. Once you have these items you should head to a fishery of your choice. Approach the water and activate your bait first and fishing rod second by either right-clicking it in your inventory or activating it on your skill bar. Both bait and fishing rods can be placed on your skill bar for easy activation. You can also increase the float distant of your fishing rod by activating it on your skill bar and your character will default to this distance when auto-fishing.

Manual Fishing Edit

Once you have a bite you have the option of pressing the interact key (Default: F) to start a fishing mini-game. Players will hold down and release the interact key in order to keep the fish inside the colored box. There is a time-limit for this mini-game, which is the white line just below the fishing mini-game window. Players must catch the fish before this line shrinks completely or face losing a piece of bait in reward for nothing.

Automatic Fishing Edit

If players choose to NOT press the interact key (Default: F) when a fish bites, they will proceed into automatic fishing. A three minute countdown will begin, and when the three minutes are up the players character will automatically reel in a fish and cast another line. Players can always cancel this automatic fishing by pressing the interact key and reeling in the fish themselves. Automatic fishing will continue until a player runs out of bait or their inventory is full. You can cancel auto-fishing by right clicking fishing rod in inventory or in speedbar.

Fishing Differences Edit

Manual fishing can be seen as the quicker of the two, since players can reel in fish much faster than the wait time of three minutes in automatic fishing. There are better fishing rods, such as Fairywing Rod I, that can decrease a players auto-fishing waiting time, but the gain is not enough to compete with how fast manual fishing can be. In addition to this, BAF can only be caught via manual fishing [2].

However, auto-fishing is widely used and appreciated since players can set their character to auto-fish and walk away from the game, enabling them to perform other tasks in their life. Unless a player is strictly trying to obtain a BAF, then auto-fishing can provide a player with copious amounts of fish to suit their needs. Auto-fishing is certainly not the fastest method of obtaining fish, but it is an easy method that requires little effort on the players part.

Besides fishing rod, there's other type of equipment to help in fishing. Angler's Whiskers decreases waiting time for fish to catch, and also reduces time auto-fishing takes.

Consuming Fish Salad will make fishing faster and easier, which helps catching more difficult fish.

Fisheries Edit

There's also one secret fishing place, although location is listed in achievements.

Note: Exodor has six more fishing areas and three hidden fishing areas:

Also check: list of fish in Arborea.

Fishing Quests Edit

White Bones

White Bones is one of quest objectives in fishing quests. It's found inside Hungry Caverns. Picking it up gives Broken Bone Lure used for fishing on Vexatus Swamp

There is storyline associated with fishing. Quest starts from Waining in Highwatch. Finishing main quest requires cooking Fish Fry Fish Fry or acquiring it some other means and delivering it to Cutthroat Harbor, crafting and delivering Fish Crate I to Lake of Tears and catching Crucian Carp in Vexatus Swamp. As Crucian Carp is grade 3 fish, you need upgraded Fishing Rod to catch it.

Finishing this part gives you title "Fishing Association Recruit", special emote "Greetings from an Angler" that triggers when you catch a fish while auto-fishing, and ability to teleport to fisheries by talking to Waining.

On PC versions fishing questline opens on level 68. (Note: moved to level 68 from level 65 in April 2020 patch). On console versions fishing questline opens on level 22. Also Waining is found in Crescentia.[3]

After this is done new quests unlock on each of the fisheries. To finish these quests you need to:

  • deliver Pickled Fish to Medidien in Sanctum Mysterium
  • deliver Fish Steak to Graidrem in Vexatus Swamp
  • deliver Steamed Fish to Dirken in Cutthroat Harbor
  • deliver Fish Soup to Ainve in Celsian Lake Fishery
  • deliver Seafood Mushroom Salad to Naiya at the Seren's Lake Fishery
  • deliver Fish Fritters to Paparong at the Lake of Tears Fishery and after that catch two Freshwater Eel (grade 4 fish)

Foods required need 300 or 500 level cooking artisan skills to craft, but you don't have to cook them yourself. Delivering foods opens go-and-fetch part of quests and usually involves fishing some unusual catches with special baits. To finish final quests you need to catch several BAF-type fish and deliver those to NPCs on fisheries.

  • catch a Giant Blue and deliver it to Mattin in Sanctum Mysterium
  • catch a Fairy Snakehead and deliver it to Paparong at Lake of Tears Fishery
  • catch a Golden Shark and deliver it to Graidrem at Vexatus Swamp
  • catch a Queen Salmon and deliver it to Ainve at Celsian Lake Fishery
  • catch a Golden Octopus and show it to Lake fae at the Seren's Lake

Finishing these quests gives title "Fishing Association Honorable Member". Catching all six types of BAF gives title "Big-Ass Angler".

References Edit

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