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Title Commander
Gender Female
Race High Elf
Class Berserker
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation Valkyon Federation, Allemantheia
Occupation Commander of Allemantheia
Status Alive
"In the name of Valkyon, I shall judge your sins!"–Fraya


Fraya is the military leader of the high elves.

Claudia Black is English voice actor for Fraya.


Fraya carries around a cutlass as her weapon when she is commanding, but truly specializes and uses an axe during times of war.


Fraya can be found in Allemantheia Headquarters, as well as Frontera for certain story quests. And in Castanica for the quests Seeking the Core and Rescue the Core.


Fraya starts the following quests:

Fraya is an objective of the following quests:

Fraya ends the following quests:


Player first meets Fraya during the quest The Desert Jewel when they first travel to Allemantheia in the continent of Shara. Fraya tells you how Allemantheia is doomed due evil god Thulsa has taken over towers shielding the city in Essenia while best of the High Elves are fighting Argons in north.

The Argons invading[]

Fraya fought against the Argons in the First Argon War, when he met Amani General Kaidun. They subsequently became lovers, until Kaidun left. (Quest:Where's Kaidun).

Kaidun and the missing Core[]

The Elders suspected that Kaidun has rebelled against the Federation and started a rebellion in Westonia.

Plague in Val Palrada[]

In Frontera mutating plague is turning its victims into horrifying, murderous mutants (which also happened earlier in Poporia). Fraya defeats the Legion of Thulsa commander Brigadier Akeldama in Arachnaea. Fraya fights Thulsa in Malachai's Lab but he escapes with help from Akasha. (Quest:Unveil the Mask).


Story continues in Castanica, since Akasha has kidnapped the Core who powers the Elven civilization. After "interrogation" of Gulas in the Hungry Caverns it is discovered that Akasha has fled to Fyrmount. (Quest:Whereabouts of the Core). During the encounter in Fyrmount Abyss Akasha is forced to flee and Core is rescued, but mortally wounded. (Quest:Rescue the Core). However, Akasha has built a device to transfer energy of the Core to herself in Golden Labyrinth. (Quest:Fraya's Faith).


  • Elleon and Fraya were ultimately meant be face off against each other, but the story was scrapped during development