Fraywind Canyon
Fraywind Canyon

Fraywind Canyon (FWC) is 15 vs 15 PvP Battleground in TERA. As Battleground FWC has no location in open world and is only accessible using Battleground Matching dialog.

Fraywind Canyon was added to game in "The Argon Queen" update in August 2012.[1] As of January 2019 PVP update and addition of Shore Hold this battleground was removed on some servers.

During its history it's mostly been non-equalized which means players with better gear have advantage. Characters below certain item level get equalized gear. Battleground is restricted to level 60 or later 65 characters only.


Objective of Fraywind Canyon is to reach point limit before opposing team. Points are awarded by killing enemy players, capping pyres at middle, north and south and holding them and killing BAMs that occasionally spawn.

BAM spawn times are 3:40 South, 5:40 North, 8:40 South.


Battleground awarded Killing Spree credits and reputation, later also Bellicarium credits and reputation.

There's also Vanguard mission that awards gold, Vanguard credits, Dragonwing Scale and various other stuff.

Winning or losing a match also affects the character’s personal rating.


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