Frost Flower gear cloth design for castanic

Frost Flower gear is equipment set released in February 2022 patch 114.[1] This is the last gear of PC version of TERA. It's internally listed as tier 24 set. First level 65 gear sets started at tier 5.

As released it's best-in-slot PVE gear for level 65 to 70 characters. Equipment includes weapon, armor, shoes, gloves. It replaces Mahtnan gear which no longer drops. This is again complete gear reset, there is no upgrade route, so everyone has to switch to new gear (low dungeons are still playable with old gear, but not recommended). Quest The Well-meaning Barakas is updated to give players basic gear upon reaching level 65.

This gear has 2 different rarities: legendary and mythic (yellow / golden and violet color). Legendary drops in dungeons. Mythic has to be crafted.

Like all gear since Exodor patch, there are two versions of the gear, named Keen and Mysterious. Keen is for classes that use physical attacks and Mysterious for magic classes. Any box you open gives the correct version for the class who opened it. When checking Trade Broker keep in mind that Gunner and Reaper and all the classes that wear cloth armor use Mysterious (magic) gear, rest of the classes use Keen gear with physical values.


Frost Flower has similarities with Mahtnan equipment. Gear has Standard Options (basic lines) and Support Options (in patch notes Special Options).

Support Options include one Special Option, which are like weapon special lines in some older equipment. There is 9 possible different options for each piece of gear and you get one Special Option randomly. Each Special Option has 5 power levels that are affected by item rarity. Legendary gear gets options from I to IV and highest rarity gear gets the best skills up to V.

In addition, gear has 2 random static stat lines. Support options for weapon and hands are offensive in nature, and for armor and shoes defensive. Powerlevels are from common (white) to mythic (violet). You cannot reroll any Support Options.

Random options are similar like Mahtnan gear. There are maximum of random 3 stat lines. Gear initially gets 1 to 3. You can transfer stats from other gear piece (of the same type, any you can wear) or reroll them with a scroll or reroll and lock good lines. (It's better to start with gear that already has 3 random lines, as you cannot add lines like previous gear.)

Support Options[]

Effect names taken from 114 patch notes translated by Gameforge, which seem to be same as in in-game when released.


Destruction King

  • Reduces 3% of your Max. HP every 2 seconds in combat. This effect ends when your Max. HP falls below 30%.
  • Skill damage and healing skill effects are increased by ?/5/6/8/10%.

This is horrible if you have to solo or run those 3-man dungeons without a healer. Some newbies actually get this as their starter gear :(

Firn Curse

  • When attacking enemies, there’s a ?/20/30/40/50% chance to apply Firn Curse and Absolute Zero.
  • Firn Curse decreases the target’s Physical and Magic Resistance by 320. This effect stacks up to 30 times.
  • When Absolute Zero is stacked 5 times, 0.2% of the Max. HP is inflicted as damage. (Max. damage: 100,000,000). Cooldown: ?/6/5/4/3 seconds.

This seems to be a combination of two best skills (Cruel Curse+Mark of Annihilation) for tanks from last gear. Recommended for tanks.

Firn Frost

  • Decreases Attack Speed by 10%. Skill damage and healing skill effects are increased by ?/10/12/14/16%.
  • The increased Crit Power of Fabled Creatures temporarily lifts the reduced Attack Speed.

This seems to be buffed Heavy Blow from last gear. Works for Sorcerer, Berserker at least. "Fabled Creatures" refers to certain flying mounts that have crit power buff with 1/10 uptime. Otherwise rather bad without the mounts that give these crit power buffs.

Whisper Moment

  • This effect acts continuously in combat and increases skill damage by ?/11/13/15/18% for 5 seconds at with 5 seconds cooldown.

This gives a 5 sec. buff, then goes on cd for 5 sec. Pretty odd, but also OK. Optimally you would time your ultis when it activates.

Hunting Master

  • Attacks on many monsters increase skill damage by ?/?/30/40/50%.

Trash. It would be good for pvp, but works only on monsters. The only time this is ever useful is for use on certain achievements, like for killing groups of Baldera monsters, which possess abnormally high HP or defense even when compared to Exodor monsters. Otherwise, better dismantled for pollen.

Storm Suppressor

  • Enraged monsters are dealt ?/12/14/16/18% additional damage.
  • You take 15% more damage from enraged monsters.

Similar to Rage Suppressor from Mahtnan gear. Good for burst damage if tank has enrage off-cooldown, and the most preferred option for most DPS classes. Keep in mind most mid-tier dungeons have a lot longer fights than last patch, and it gets worse the longer the fight lasts.

Chop-Chop Strike

  • Increases Attack Speed by 10%. Skill damage and healing skill effects are decreased by 10/8/6/4/1%.

PVP orientated. Tier V option doesn't seem too bad. High tier options could be useful for classes that scale better or need more atk speed.

Dream Song: Sunlight

  • Increases your and nearby party members’ Physical and Magic Amplification by ?/3/3.5/4/4.5%.

Aura for healers.

Frost Flower Dream

  • The cold magic of Frost Flower Dream is randomly discharged in front of you.
  • Execution probability at level 1: N%. Level 2: N% Level 3: N% (Cooldown: 8 seconds)
  • Deals even more damage to higher-level targets.

This is an odd new auto magic attack. It hits in front of you, like Sorcerer's Meteor Strike. It seems to one-shot most open world monsters (up to Lv. 70+ except in Baldera), but I haven't seen any numbers how it does in dungeons. It's unknown if this damage scales with gear level. Most solo dungeon bosses seem to be set to Lv. 68 in order to avoid them getting wrecked by this option.


Oath of Desire

  • Reduces HP recovery by ?/20/30/40/50%. Skill damage and healing skill effects are increased by ?/6/8/10/12%.

Trades healing for damage. Static damage increase option but you lose healing. Risky in dungeons that demand much healing, doubly risky if combined with Destruction King on weapon.

Frost Doctrine

  • From the start of the battle, Power increases by 2 every ?/7/6/5/4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 60 times.

Buffed Mahtnan's Power. Fights on middle-tier dungeons are now very long (10 to 15 min, faster as people are more geared now) but you hardly die, so you can reach that maximum of extra 120 power.

Master of Creatures

  • Reduces the cooldown of the Fabled Creature’s increased Crit Power passive effect by ?/9/11/15/20 seconds.
  • Increases the duration of the Fabled Creature’s increased Crit Power passive effect by ?/1.2/1.5/2/3 seconds.
  • While the Fabled Creature’s increased Crit Power passive effect is active, skill damage and healing skill effects are increased by 15%.

Fabled Creatures are certain flying mounts (like basic 1.5 dragon with Scales) that have crit power buff. Maximum effect is −20 sec cooldown, +3 sec duration: 13 / 40 sec = 32.5% uptime. Since they removed Combat Essence, this seems to be one of the stronger options. Has synergy with Firn Frost on weapon. Otherwise useless without the mounts that give these buffs.

No Retreat

  • Doubles the cooldown of dodge skills. Increases skill damage and healing skill effects by ?/8/10/12/14%.
  • RE consumption is doubled for classes that consume it.

You want to live dangerously? Maybe Warrior could use this. Some Discord guides state this is OK for Brawlers and Archers since they don't use iframes as much.

Brutal Butcher

  • Attacks on knocked-down monsters increase skill damage by ?/8/12/16/20%.

Situational. Some bosses count as knocked-down after shield-phase shield is broken. Useless if boss has no shield-phase and cannot be knocked down.

Shield Destroyer

  • Successful hits on targets with a shield increase skill damage by ?/20/30/40/50%.

For PVP, also works on boss shields - for example on Revivified Shandra Manaya. Also useful in Ace dungeons, especially against Ace Gardan and Ace Rogash if running Shield Destroyer V, +50% damage boost is great for faster shield breaking.


  • Chance to decrease an opponent’s HP Recovery by ?/20/30/40/50% for 4 seconds. Regeneration caused by beneficial effects is not reduced. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)

For PVP. Imagine getting hit by Hail Storm and Regression when defending your CU tower.

Dream Song: Afterglow

  • Increases your and nearby party members’ Physical and Magic Piercing by ?/916/1100/1283/1468.

Aura for healers.

Frost Flower Tear

  • Fires a Coldball at nearby enemies, inflicting damage. (Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4 seconds)
  • Deals even more damage to higher-level targets.

This is a new auto attack that launches snowballs aimed at the nearest enemy with quite a long range, like Sorcerer's Frost Sphere without Mana Boost. This can one-shot even Lv. 70+ open world monsters, except in Baldera. Damage is static but higher level launches snowballs more often. Most solo dungeon bosses seem to be set to Lv. 68 in order to avoid them getting wrecked by this option.

heat-seeking Frost Flower Tear hits bystander monster


Life Source

  • Increases HP Recovery by ?/17/22/27/32%.

Only increases HP received from healing skills. Not so useful in solo dungeons without a healer.

Ancient Frost Flower

  • Increases HP Recovery by ?/1/1/1.5/1.5% every 5 seconds after combat starts.
  • The effect stacks ?/35/50/35/50 times.

Similar to Life Source but only becomes useful in long fights like Frost Doctrine.

Oshar’s Favor

  • A shield forms for 6 seconds following resurrection. Damage absorption: ?/300,000/400,000/500,000/600,000, cooldown: 20 min.

You would use this to summon your guild to enemy tower in CU. Or maybe escape some puddle in dungeon. Nice thing someone remembers Oshar from Balder's Refuge questline.

Frost Flower Blessing

  • Grants the Frost Flower Blessing effect every 5 seconds after combat starts. Decreases damage received by ?/7/9/11/15% at 5 stacks.
  • This effect ends if you sustain damage.

Maximum of 15% dmg decrease after 25 seconds, for one hit. :pog: Possibly better than Bloomshield for classes with many iframe/dodge skills, like Warrior or Ninja.

Piercing Vitality

  • When an opponent is attacked ?/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6% of the damage is received as HP.

This is Veteran's Tribute, but moved to armor slot. Very good for Berserkers and for low 3-man dungeons. Not too bad for solo content on classes with life steal options on skills, like Reaper's Whipsaw and Valkyrie's Maelstrom.

Storm Protector

  • Decreases damage taken by ?/2.5/3/3.5/4% when your HP is above 80%.
  • Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by ?/1.5/2/2.5/3%.

Buffed best option from last gear. Although there are no absolutely bad options.


  • Grants the Bloomshield effect in combat. The damage you take drops by 10%. This effect ends if you sustain damage. Cooldown: ?/30/25/20/15 seconds.

Second version of FFB. Text on stat line in-game says shield stacks 3× and you only lose one stack when hit. Seems pretty OK. More forgiving than FFB, suitable for classes with less iframe/dodge skills.

Dream Song: Starlight

  • Increases your and nearby party members’ Physical Resistance by ?/3/3.5/4/4.5%. Range 15m.

Aura for healers. This also buffs Lancers and Warrior tanks. In case healer doesn't have this (running Frost Flower Protection for example), then Lancer can use it for the big boost in Phys. Res. Can give a nearly 10k increase in Physical Resistance for the Starlight V option.

Frost Flower Protection

  • Reduces the damage you and nearby party members take by ?/2/3/4/5%.

Alternative aura. It seems to have a graphical wall effect with quite a small radius.


Relentless Vigor

  • Restores 1% of your Max. HP every ?/4/3/2/1 seconds in combat.

Not great, not terrible. Useful for Berserkers. Better for solo content without healers available.

Frost Flower Forbearance

  • Grants the Frost Flower Forbearance effect every 5 seconds after combat starts. Decreases damage received by 0.1% per stack. This effect stacks up to ?/20/30/40/50 times.

Defensive counterpart of Frost Doctrine on gloves. Only useful for long fights.

Survival Instinct

  • Decreases stun duration by ?/6/9/12/15%.
  • Reduces the damage taken when knocked down by 3% (static value).

PVP oriented. Allows you to escape Rogash's stuns before he uses his beyblade to grind you to pieces.

Silent Spirit

  • Decreases damage taken by ?/2.5/3/3.5/4% when your HP is above 80%.

Possible synergy with Storm Protector option on chest.

Cold Chaser

  • Increases Movement Speed by ?/16/19/22/25.

PVP oriented. Useful for classes that need frequent repositioning. Example, Illusion Archer following the weak spot mark on the ground for more DPS.

Noble Blessing

  • When your HP is below 50% and a monster hits you, you receive a shield for 10 seconds that absorbs ?/100.000/120.000/140.000/160.000 damage.
  • When attacking with an active shield, 0.1% of the damage dealt returns to you as healing (cooldown: 60 seconds).

The other useful option on Berserkers. Not too bad for solo content without healers. Has synergy with Piercing Vitality on armor.

Maximum Sense

  • Grants a shield for 6 seconds that absorbs  ?/80.000/100.000/120.000/150.000 damage when a monster lands a critical hit (cooldown: 60 seconds).
  • Reduces the damage taken from a critical hit by 11/14/17/20%.

Critical hit protection is also for PVP.

Dream Song: Moonlight

  • Increases your and nearby party members’ Magic Resistance by ?/3/3.5/4/4.5%. Range 15m.

Aura for healers. This is the best option to boost Magic Resistance since it also affects themselves. Base magic resistance is over 200,000 and 4.5% of that is over 9,000! This is way more than any static options.

Frost Flower Charm

  • Certain Frost Flower gear options are significantly boosted.
  • Frost Flower Dream: Reduces cooldown by ?/1/1.4/1.7/2 seconds.
  • Frost Flower Tear: Increases Coldball damage by ?/8/12/16/20%.

Only makes sense for snowball build. Useless without either FFD or FFT.

Static Support Options[]

Weapon and hands get offensive stats, armor and shoes get defensive stats.

stat uncommon rare legendary mythic
Phys./Mag. Amplification 4,391 5,221 6,210 7,380
Phys./Mag. Crit Power 0.04 0.05 0.06 0.07
Phys./Mag. Ignore Res. 1,403 1,668 1,984 2,357
Phys./Mag. Piercing 877 1,043 1,241 1,474
Phys./Mag. Resistance 2,195 2,610 3,104 3,690
Crit Factor 10 13 16 18
HP 10,535 12,526 14,901 17,710
MP 1,053 1,252 1,490 1,771
HP Recovery 5% 6% 7% 8%
MP Recovery (per 5s) 103 171 242 288
Reduced Crit Damage 3% 4% 5% 6%
Reduced PvE Damage 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500
Crit Resist 30 40 50 60

Amplification is weak stat. Crit is totally useless. Piercing and Crit Power best. Warrior and slayer don't need Ignore, they just got buffed with passives. Healers want Magic Resistance. Lancer wants Physical Resistance. Berserker wants HP. Sorcerer wants mana.

Random Options[]

Check out random options from Mahtnan_gear#Random_Options.

Ace Dungeon shop has scrolls (Eternal Transformation Vellum) to reroll stats. Option Retention Material (former Cryolite, former Mahtnan Jewel) is now called Eternal Jewel. Both are craftable.

There seems to be no way to add stat lines on gear (no Boost scrolls). Only way to do that is to transfer stats from a gear piece that has 3 stats. It's better do that at +0 and before applying etching, since transferring stats costs 3 transfer stones. At +0 you can do it with one.

Resonance Etching[]

Resonance etching seems similar like last gear.

You must finish Resonance Dungeons in Balderon to get an etching that can be etched on gear. Last patch this etching had pretty minor effect.


Gear goes up to +12 enchantment.

Gear has enchant level bonuses at +3, +6, +9 and +12. (This is like some older gear, but not seen for ages).

Bonuses are

  • +0.06 crit power for weapon = +0.24 total
  • 936 Phy./Mag. Pierce for gloves = 3,744 total
  • 936 Phy./Mag. Ignore Resist for body = 3,744
  • 936 Phy./Mag. Ignore Resistance for boots = 3,744 total


Even at +0, new gear has massively higher defence than any of the PvP Gear, essentially making the old 2019 PvP Armor irrelevant. This really fucked up CU balance, since it makes players nearly impossible to kill, making a horde focusing on killing the towers only viable tactic. Also it seems mystic is the only class who can reliably kill players in duels with their damage-over-time curses.


a.k.a How to get Mythic gear.

Mythic gear is crafted. Recipe is from Smelting merchant and called Frozen Dream Song ( 32,100Gold coin, no skill needed in smelting). These are tokens you can use to buy mythic gear box (which gives gear with random options).

Materials are:

  • Luminous Frost Flower Pollen x7
  • Luxury Craft Kit x20

Crafting can crit and give Splendid Dream Song. The difference is that this gives gear with Physical/Magical rolls in Support Options that match the class. (Buy weapon/hard armor boxes with Splendid Dream Song).

There is an alternative recipe using mythic-grade pollen, but maybe you don't want to spend it. It's just another way to craft mythic frost flower gear by dismantling unwanted mythic frost flower gear with terrible/useless support options.

  • Magnificent Frost Flower Crystal x1 (produced from combining Magnificent Frost Flower Pollen x3)
  • Luxury Craft Kit x8

Splendid Dream Song is also produced if crit procs while crafting.

Sources of Luminous Frost Flower Pollen are Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster, Free Exodor Reputation Shop, and dismantling legendary gear, which drops from dungeons, including solo Ace Dungeons.


Enchanting is done with familiar Forge interface. Gear cannot be damaged or enchant level cannot drop on failure when trying to enchant.

Materials for +0 are:

  • Vitality Fragment x1/x2
  • Luminous Frost Flower Pollen x11
  • Precious Sky Lotus x1

These materials are always needed. Enchanting requires small amounts of Fragments (2 for weapon & hands, 1 for armor & shoes), moderate amounts of Precious Sky Lotus and loads of Pollen. Gold is not required but needed if buying Precious Sky Lotus from NPC instead of token exchange. There is a very high correction (fail stacks) on failed attempt (+5% chance, previous gear had +0.3% per try). Also Forvath's Enchantment Finesses work (use partner adventures to gather those), which raises correction even more.

Other materials for this gear are:

  • Vitality Fragment (1 to 12)
  • Stamina Seal (4 to 6) (converts 8:1 to next material)
  • Victory Glyph (7 to 9) (converts 6:1 to next material)
  • Prestige Emblem (10 to 12)
  • Precious Sky Lotus (all levels?)
  • Luminous Frost Flower Pollen
  • Magnificent Frost Flower Pollen (10 to 12)

Vitality Fragments drop in lowest dungeons. Precious Sky Lotus is from Development Merchant ( 1,000Gold coin) or Elleon's Mark of Valor token exchange. Stamina Seals drop from harder ace dungeons and are also available on Ace Dungeon shop. Pollen is available on Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster and Free Exodor merchants.

btw, per discord info:

  • One enchant on gear is roughly +0.4% damage increase, excluding +3/6/9/12 steps which are
    • Weapon : +2.49%
    • Chest/Boots : +1.46%
    • Hands : +3.23%

(rough estimate)

As part of new Class Change (available for slayer, archer now) ALL classes get Innate Power manuals. Buy the manual from Development Merchant and fill it with enchanting materials. Undocumented estimate is that 1st level book increases damage by 20% (for 100Gold coin) and following books by +2.5%. It's better to use the mats first to get the book, and enchant only after that. Only when you are done with the book, use materials to enchant the gear, unless you absolutely need the item level.