Gathering is a game feature in TERA which allows a character to gather materials from various nodes across Arborea and Exodor which can be used in crafting.

There are three types of gathering professions: ore gathering; essence gathering; and plant gathering. All three gathering professions are automatically learned upon character creation, and start off at level 1 with 0 points. There are 6 levels of gathering and a total of 350 gathering points to be earned. Level 1 requires 100 points to advance to level 2, but from then on leveling requires only 50 points. An indicator of the level of gathering skill can be found in the Gathering tab of the Character Profile. When you get each of the three gathering skill to level 300 you will gain a row of 8 Inventory Expansion slots.

Every node you gather will increase your respective gathering skill by 3 points. Gathering a node costs 10 production points(10 PP) and will give you 3-5 of the respective item for that node, with a possible bonus 1-4 of a different material, if applicable. There is a small chance of receiving a high number of material, between 10-14 material. There is no chance to fail when gathering. Gathering of nodes is not restricted by your gathering level. Gathering speed is, however, affected by a players gathering level [1].

Gathering is a slow process and can be sped up by equipping/using items, eating foods, and earning rewards. Examples of these are:

Certain racial skills also improve gathering speed.


Ore mining is a gathering skill which allows a character to gather ores from ore nodes around the world. Ore is used for Smelting. There are 14 achievements to be earned from ore mining. There are six different ores for players to gather across the world of TERA.

Plant Harvesting[]

Plant harvesting is a gathering skill that allows a character to gather crafting materials from plants around the world. Materials gathered from plants are used in Etching and Cooking. There are 14 achievements to be earned from plant harvesting. There are six different plants for you to harvest across all of TERA.

Energy Harnessing[]

Energy harnessing is a gathering skill that allows a character to gather crafting materials from coalesced magic around the world. Essences are used for Alchemy, Smelting, Processing and Etching. There are 14 achievements to be earned from energy harnessing. There are six different energies for players to harvest around the world of TERA.

Gathering Benefits[]

Upon gathering from an ore, plant, or essence node, your character will receive a random benefit. If you receive a benefit for which you already have, the duration will be refreshed and a stack applied, if possible.

  • Gathering Aura
    • Increases Gathering Speed by 4%
    • Effect stacks up to 3 times
    • Duration - 60 Seconds
  • Gathering Speed
    • Increases Movement Speed by 3 while out of combat
    • Effect stacks up to 3 times
    • Duration - 60 Seconds


  • Plant Achievements
    • Little Acorn - Plant Skill 3 - 10 Achievement Points
    • Tiny Sapling - Plant Skill 50 - 20 Achievement Points
    • Thriving Tree - Plant Skill 100 - 30 Achievement Points
    • Clover's Friend - Plant Skill to 300 - 35 Achievement Points
    • The Green Reaper - Plant Skill 350 - 35 Achievement Points
    • Harmony Grass - Gathered Harmony Grass - 5 Achievement Points
    • Cobseed - Gathered Wild Cobseed - 5 Achievement Points
    • Veridia Root - Gathered Wild Veridia - 5 Achievement Points
    • Mushroom Cap - Gathered Orange Mushroom - 5 Achievement Points
    • Apple - Gather Apple Tree - 5 Achievement Points
    • Moongourd Pulp - Gathered Old Moongourd - 5 Achievement Points

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