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A general skill is a unique skill available for all kind of characters depending on level

General skills Edit

Icon Name Level Source Description
Speedicon Speed Boost 1 Automatically obtained upon completing Character Creation. Increases your non-combat movement speed by 60 / 65 / 70. (Depending on class)
Outlawicon Outlaw Declaration (manual) 11 Quest reward of Embrace Infamy. While in effect you can attack other players and other players can attack you. Killing other players will stack infamy. Penalties may apply pursuant to infamy.

Mounts Edit

Icon Name Level Speed Source
Baygeldingicon Summon: Bay Gelding (manual) 11 240 Quest reward of Saddle Up.
Purchased from Haines.
Summon: Moon (manual) 1 280 Obtained by inserting 3 Marda's Gold into a Gold Exchange Cube .
Preorderhorse1 Summon: Arcadian Dapple (manual) 11 240

Pre–order TERA Standard Edition.

Preorderhorse2 Summon: Blue Roan (manual) 11 255 Pre-order TERA Standard Edition.
Preorderhorse3 Summon: Chestnut Gelding (manual) 11 255 Pre-order TERA Standard Edition.
Preorderhorse4 Summon: Pinto (manual) 11 255 Pre-order TERA Standard Edition.
Preorderhorse5 Summon: Velikan Gray (manual) 11 240 Quest reward of Saddle Up.

Purchased from Haines.

Preorderhorse6 Summon: White Stallion (manual) 11 255 Pre-order TERA Standard Edition.
Pre-order TERA Collector's Edition.
Fastbaygelding Summon: Fast Bay Gelding (manual) 40 270 Purchased from Haines.

(No longer purchasable)

Summon: Black Pearl (manual) 30 275

Complete the achievement Walk Like a Pirate

(150 Corsairs’ StrongholdWins)

Frostlion Summon: Regal Frostlion (manual) 20 280 Pre-order TERA Collector's Edition.
Shadowsteedicon Summon: Shadow Steed (manual) 60 280 * (Since July 2013 no longer drops in Ebon Tower hard mode.
Nexuswarhorse Nexus Warhorse (manual) 60 280 Reputation reward of Agnitor.
  • (Since July 1, 2013 Nexus Warhorse is removed from the Agnitor stores)
Deathcharger1 Summon: Death Charger (manual) 60 280 Complete the achievement End of the Ride.

(Since July 1 2013 Death Charger is

no longer awarded for the End of the Ride achievement)

AeolianZebra Summon: Aeolian Zebra (manual) 60 280 Dropped by bosses of Balder's Temple (Hard) at a low chance.

(Since July 1, 2013 Aeolian ZEbra no longer drops in Balder's Temple (hard) or Fane of KAprima (hard))

BlackLeopard5 Summon: Black Leopard (manual) 60 280 Reputation reward of Velika.
Nightmare Summon: Night Mare (manual) 1 280 $24.99 at the En Masse store
Summon Honor Steed Summon: Honor Steed 1 290 Available to all guild members of an elected guild of a vanarch.

Unreleased mount skills Edit

Icon Name Level Speed Source
Velikshorse Summon: Velik's Festival Horse (manual) 1 275  ?
Tawnyhuntress Summon: Tawny Huntress (manual) 60 280 Founder Status. One character, Bind on use.
Jeweledlion Summon: Jeweled Lion (manual) 60 280 Buy TERA club membership.
Whitetex Summon: ? (manual) 60 280  ?
Blackstalion Summon: Black Stallion (manual) 50 290 Become one of the top 30 players in the battleground ranking.
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