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At level 20, players in TERA can customize their skills with glyphs. A glyph is an object used to modify skills and customize them to fit a player's style. Much like crystals for equipment, glyphs can be used to boost skills and give them unique attributes.

Obtaining Glyph Points Edit

Upon reaching level 20, the player will receive 10 glyph points that can be allowed in any Glyph from an already learned skill. From level 21 to 65, the player will receive 1 glyph point per level, for a total of 55 glyph points at level 65, therefore limiting the amount of glyphs a player can place on his or her character.

Glyph costs from 1-7 glyph points, depending on the strength of the glyph.

Applying Glyph PointsEdit

By pulling up the skill window and selecting the 'Glyphs' tab, the player can see all the possible glyphs. The screen will show glyphs next to what skill they modify. At the bottom right corner of the glyph icon is a circle with a number below it. The number indicates how many glyph points it will cost to equip the glyph. Glyphs a player has enough points to equip are colored; glyphs that the player can't afford are greyed out. At the bottom right is a number that indicates free glyph points over total glyph points.

Clicking on the glyph icon will select it, spending those points.

You can change glyphs configuration whenever you want. There is the possibility to save up to 5 glyphs configuration at the same time, free of cost.

Glyph effectsEdit

Every glyph increases a skill’s effect:

  • Glyphs of Influence and Brilliance help skills cost less MP.
  • Glyphs of Energy and Persistence give skills shorter cooldowns.
  • Glyphs of Lingering increase skill durations.
  • Glyphs of Power increase damage of an ability.
  • Glyphs of Powerlink give a boost to a specific Chain Skill.
  • Glyphs of Carving and Keen glyph increase crit factor or skill crit chance

There are hundreds of glyphs for hundreds of skills, each of which has one to six different glyphs available. Many different types of glyphs exists, making a wide variety of glyph tree, making each character unique in itself.

Master GlyphsEdit

Some glyphs cannot be accessed even when the skill is learned. They can be recognized by the green or blue triangle in the upper-left portion of the glyph icon. Those glyphs are called Master Glyphs, and must be obtained as dungeon drops, or traded for specific tokens.


One sorcerer may focus all her glyphs on speeding up access to and boosting the power of his or her favorite skill (Blazing, Impelling, and Empowered Fireblast), while another focuses on reducing downtime on all his or her skills (Energetic Overchannel, Blazing Fireblast, Energetic Void Pulse).

Whether soloing or tanking, lancers may find defensive combos advantageous. Pumped Stand Fast, Influential Stand Fast, plus Threatening Shield Counter give a lancer facing a BAM extra damage with more aggro for less MP cost.

Slayers capitalize on knocking the enemy down. Persistent Overhand Strike, Restorative Overhand Strike, and Stunning Knockdown Strike provide a slayer the means to be more effective more often.

For healers in party play, most focus on healing themselves first (Restorative Heal Thyself or Energetic Thrall of Life), then everyone else second (Multiplicative Focus Heal or Blazing Arun's Tears and Arun's Vitae).