Top Left: Velik, Top Right: Killian, Bottom Left: Thulsa, Bottom Right: Kaia

Gods are the ancient, all powerful beings in the TERA universe. They are the children of the Titans Arun and Shara, who both fell asleep and created Arborea. During and after the Divine War, many gods were either killed off, lost their power or fled into hiding.


Original Twelve[]

When the Titans Shara and Arun fell into a deep sleep and created Arborea, they too created the Gods. These most powerful "Original Twelve" gods were born by Shara and Arun. The Original Twelve were Karas, Zuras, Gidd, Amarun, Tithus, Elinu, Sikander, Gluda, Ur, Isren, Saleron, and Dagon.

The list of original gods is found in a short story Lessons by David Noonan, in a poem, recited by a student to his Baraka teacher:

Before all else were Arun and Shara,

Male and female,
Titans astride a void.
The Titans grew weary,
And slept.
Their sleeping bodies became the land of Tera,
Their tears the seas,
And then they began to dream.
Shara dreamed of Sikander the phoenix, first of the Sikandari
And Gorno, dark master of the Gulas and Vampirs
She dreamed Ur, god of the Wendigos, and Isren, Queen of the Faeries
And finally Saleron, lord of Prions, and Dagon, father of the serpentine Nagas.
Arun dreamed Karas, god of the Elves, and Zuras, first of the Devas
He dreamed Gidd, who made, then cursed the Humans,
And Amarun, creator of the Amani
Then Tithus, god to the Giants, and Elinu, mother to the Poporis.
Thus were the gods dreamed into being, six and six

And from the gods, the mortals began to spread across Tera…

Note old spelling of name Gluda as Gorno. Only Ur is not mentioned in game. This old piece of lore divides original gods as born from Arun or born from Shara.

These Gods had further, less powerful generations of gods. Karas and Elinu's children were Balder, Ishara, and Lok. Zuras, Goddess of the Devas, had children with three different fathers. These children were Mystel, Velik, Kaia, and Thulsa. Gluda, Goddess of the Vampirs' and Gulas', had a child with an unknown father, Akasha. Saleron, the Father of Dragons, had two children, Killian and Icaruna, the latter of which would cheat death by sharing a body with her brother.

Gods created lesser being, the Mortals. How this was done is described as "Deciphering a Tablet" (Arcana?).

Divine War[]

The Divine War was a conflict that erupted centuries before the Argon Invasion of Arborea. Elinu, Goddess of Generosity and creator of the Elin, died after childbirth of her children Ishara and Balder. With no help from the other gods to revive her, Karas, her husband and the de facto leader of the twelve original gods, fled, abandoned his children the Elves, and cursed the world into eternal darkness, and gave no help to the other gods when the war erupted. Thulsa, son of Gidd, saw this opportunity and attacked his brothers and sisters, gaining an upper hand against them.

Some old piece of lore mentions that Amarun was one of the first gods to take up arms against another deity: Zuras. Amarun and the amani fared poorly in their war against Zuras and the devas, and a string of defeats resulted in the enslavement of the amani people by the giants.[1]

Jealousy of Zuras consumed Gluda, and many suspect that she or her daughter, Akasha, quietly murdered Zuras as the Divine War began.[1] Zuras disappeared near the start of the Divine War and hasn’t reappeared despite entreaties from the devas she created.[1] (There are many conflicting stories about the fate of Zuras, including a version that Tithus imprisoned her.) After disappearance of Zuras, Lakan took the Devas and Lok took Devan clan Castanic under their protection. Thulsa had allied with Gluda and her children in battles against Tithus and Isren, but Thulsa coveted the power of the gulas and vampirs. Thulsa led a strike force that fought through armies of gulas and vampirs to slay Gluda in one of the largest battles of the Divine War.[1]

At a some point of the war Saleron created the first the Dragon Vergos to scourge the world of evil. It's not mentioned who where the gods close to Saleron. It's only mentioned Velik opposed creating a being as powerful as the gods.[2]

Role of Tithus[]

While Gidd's armies fought Thulsa's, Tithus, the God of Giants, tried to make peace with the other gods and attempted to end the war. His efforts were increasingly heavy-handed. Thulsa found out about Tithus' peace-making, and led the rebellious gods against him. Thulsa killed Tithus, widening the War.

There is other version of lore, from Chinese version of TERA. Tithus is the creator of the giants. Tithus aided the giants, who created the vast Holy Empire and enslaved most of the other races, including Amani, after dead of Amarun, and the Devas. Most of the other gods were forced to pledge their allegiance to Tithus. This version of lore also claims Tithus killed Amarun and Gidd, whose spear he had stolen. Or perhaps the actual perpetrator was some obedient ally of Tithus: Thulsa, Akasha, Killian, or Lakan. (En Masse version of lore mentions: Gidd led the gods of Arun into battle during the Divine War, but the goddess Akasha lured him away from the battle, then killed him.[1])

In the end, there was the "Day of Flame" in which the all major cities of Giants' Holy Empire were destroyed in a single day and their empire was no more. This also marked the downfall of Tithus.

Death of Balder[]

After Tithus' death, Balder, Elinu's son, stepped in as peacemaker. Although the War had divided many gods, both sides respected Balder, and he was entrusted with the keys to the heavenly realm, where the gods were the strongest. Due the Karas' curse of twilight Balder ripped out his eyes and threw them into the sky, which became the twin suns. However, Balder's sister, Ishara, grew jealous of Balder and convinced their older brother, Lok, to kill him and take the keys. Shakan, Balder's friend and bodyguard, killed Lok before he could reveal where the gods' power was hidden.

Height of the War[]

While Gidd continued to war with Thulsa, Amarun, the God of the Amani, waged war on Zuras and her devan armies. Amarun faired poorly against Zuras, and the Amani were enslaved by the giants. While fighting in battle, Amarun was killed and Kaia adopted the Amani race, and she continues to protect them. Isren, the Goddess of Peace, was also murdered by Thulsa's traitorous children, and at this time every single god was at war. Many gods died, including Gidd by the hands of Akasha, Zuras by the hands of Gluda or Akasha, Oryin by the hands of Dagon, and Saleron was imprisioned by his son Killian, the God of Terror. Thulsa then waged war on Gluda, and killed her in the largest battle of the Divine War.

End of the War[]

After Gluda's death by the hands of Thulsa, the war began to fade. Though fighting continued, gods like Velik grew tired of the war. Velik decided to adopt the Human race after Gidd's death. After his lover, Isren, died by the hands of the gods, Sikander decided to seal away the god's power, and fell into a deep sleep. The gods, almost extinct, fled and kept what little power they had left.

The Divine War ended, but it never reached a conclusion.


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