Top Left: Velik, Top Right: Killian, Bottom Left: Thulsa, Bottom Right: Kaia

Gods are the ancient, all powerful beings in the TERA universe. They are the children of the Titans Arun and Shara, who both fell asleep and created Arborea. During and after the Divine War, many gods were either killed off, lost their power or fled into hiding.


Original Twelve[]

When the Titans Shara and Arun fell into a deep sleep and created Arborea, they too created the Gods. These most powerful "Original Twelve" gods were born by Shara and Arun. The Original Twelve were Karas, Zuras, Gidd, Amarun, Tithus, Elinu, Sikander, Gluda, Ur, Isren, Saleron, and Dagon. These Gods had further, less powerful generations of gods. Karas and Elinu's children were BalderIshara, and Lok. Zuras, Goddess of the Devas, had children with three different fathers. These children were Mystel, Velik, Kaia, and Thulsa. Gluda, Goddess of the Vampir and Glua, had a child with an unknown father, Akasha. Saleron, the Father of Dragons, had two children, Killian and Icaruna, the latter of which would cheat death by sharing a body with her brother.   

Divine War[]

The Divine War was a conflict that erupted centuries before the Argon Invasion of Arborea. Elinu, Goddess of Generosity and creator of the Elin, died after childbirth of her children Ishara and Balder. With no help from the other gods to revive her, Karas, her husband, fled and gave no help to the other gods when the war erupted. Thulsa, son of Gidd, saw this oppurtunity and attacked his brothers and sisters, gaining an upper hand against them.

Death of Tithus[]

While Gidd's armies fought Thulsa's, Tithus, the God of Giants, tried to make peace with the other gods and attempted to end the war. Thulsa found out about Tithus' peace-making, and led the rebellious gods against him. Thulsa killed Tithus, widening the War.

Death of Balder[]

After Tithus' death, Balder, Elinu's son, stepped in as peacemaker. Although the War had divided many gods, both sides respected Balder, and he was entrusted with the keys to the heavenly realm, where the gods were the strongest. Balder also ripped out his eyes and threw them into the sky, which became the twin suns. However, Balder's sister, Ishara, grew jealous of Balder and convinced their older brother, Lok, to kill him and take the keys. Shakan,  Balder's bodyguard, killed Lok before he could reveal where the god's power was.

Height of the War[]

While Gidd continued to war with Thulsa, Amarun, the God of the Amani, waged war on Zuras and her devan armies. Amarun faired poorly against Zuras, and the Amani were enslaved by the giants. While fighting in battle, Amarun was killed and Kaia adopted the Amani race, and she continues to protect them. Isren, the Goddess of Peace, was also murdered by Thulsa's traitorous children, and at this time every single god was at war. Many gods died, including Gidd by the hands of Akasha, Zuras by the hands of Gluda or Akasha, Oryinby the hands of Dagon, and Saleron was imprisioned by his son Killian, the God of Terror. Thulsa then waged war on Gluda, and killed her in the largest battle of the Divine War.  

End of the War[]

After Gluda's death by the hands of Thulsa, the war began to fade. Though fighting continued, gods like Velik grew tired of the war. Velik decided to adopt the Human race after Gidd's death. After his lover, Isren, died by the hands of the gods, Sikander decided to seal away the god's power, and fell into a deep sleep. The gods, almost extinct, fled and kept what little power they had left.