Golden Daric

[Enchanting Material]
Crafted from Golden Talents. Can be used for enchanting or upgrading gear and accessories, or crafted into a Golden Plate.

Frostmetal Gear

Smelting (Enchanting Materials)
Sell value 10Silver 00Copper
Dismantles into Metamorphic Emblem x 36.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Product Crafting Skill Crafting Level Point Cost Recipe Components
Golden Daric x 3
Crit: Golden Daric x 5
Smelting 500(Artisan) 20 PP  ? Golden Talent x 5
Craft Kit x 60
Golden Plate x 3
Crit: Golden Plate x 5
Smelting 800(Master) 80 PP  ? Golden Daric x 5
Craft Kit x 240
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