Golden Talent
Golden Talent

[Enchanting Material]
An ancient coin found throughout the world. Can be used for enchanting or upgrading gear and accessories, or crafted into a Golden Daric.

Guardian Gear
Twisthard Gear


Thaumetal Refinery
Kalivan's Dreadnaught
Lilith's Keep
Kalivan's Challenge
The Abscess
Ravenous Gorge
Shattered Fleet
Island of Dawn
Corsairs' Stronghold
Fraywind Canyon
Champions' Skyring
Sell value 10Silver 00Copper
Dismantles into Metamorphic Emblem x 15.

Sources Edit

Golden Talents can be acquired by:

Killing mobs in these dungeons:

Killing mobs in these areas:

Winning in these battlegrounds:

Crafting Recipes Edit

Product Crafting Skill Crafting Level Point Cost Recipe Components
Golden Daric x 3
Crit: Golden Daric x 5
Smelting 500(Artisan) 20 PP  ? Golden Talent x 5
Craft Kit x 60
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