A Guild in TERA, and most MMORPGs, is an organized group of players that regularly play together any for number of reasons. All players of TERA may join or create a guild.

Guild Creation Edit

If a player chooses to create a guild, they must meet some requirements. They must:

  • Be at least level 8
  • Not be currently in a guild
  • Have 100g in their inventory
  • Be in a party with at least one other player that is not in a guild

Once all conditions are met the player can bring up the guild window (Default: G) and create a guild. Players can also create a guild by speaking with Litron in the Velika Consul Office.

A guild name cannot exceed 20 characters, including spaces, and cannot contain any profanity, un-allowed words, symbols, or numbers. All players in the party will automatically become guild members when a guild is created, with the party leader becoming the Guild Master.

NOTE: If you are unable to create a guild, keep in mind that players can only join/create a guild if they have not left a guild in the past 24 hours.

Guild Emblem Edit

The leader of a guild has the option of uploading an emblem for their guild. A guild emblem will display next to the guild name above a players head. Uploading a guild emblem is free. A guild emblem can be changed at any time.

To upload a guild emblem the player must find or create a 64x64 pixel (24 bit) image in .BMP format. This image must then be placed the correct game folder (TERA\Client\S1Game\GuildLogoUpload\Example.bmp). The player should then talk to Leonad in the Velika Consul Office and select the emblem they just placed in the folder.

Ranks Edit

The Guild Master can create and name 30 ranks within their guild. These ranks can each have different permissions and purposes within the guild. The Guild Master can give guild members, via ranks, permission to:

  • Accept/decline guild applications
  • Withdraw from the guild bank
  • Change the guild announcement
  • Advertise the guild
  • Accept/decline guild quests
  • Declare/decline guild war
  • Purchase from guild shop

Levels Edit

A guild can gain experience and level when guild quests are completed. As a guilds level becomes higher, more experience will be required to level up. A guild can only reach a maximum level of 50.

Guild Level Experience Needed To Next Level
Levels 1-10 250 XP
Levels 11-20 251 - 256 XP
Levels 21-30 256 - 269 XP
Levels 31-40 271 - 295 XP
Levels 41-50 298 - 335 XP

Skills Edit

See the Guild Skills page for more information.

A Guild can spend the points they earn from leveling on Guild Skills. Guild Skills will affect every member of the guild, regardless of rank. Some skills are only attainable once the guild has reached a certain level, and some are only useable in certain situations. Guild Skills cannot be changed once picked.

Quests Edit

See the Guild Quests page for more information.

A Guild Master, or a player of a rank with the proper permission, can accept Guild Quests that members of a guild can complete. A Guild Quest will award the guild with guild experience and gold. Completing guild quests is necessary for a guild to level.

Guild Bank Edit

See the Guild Bank page for more information.

The Guild Bank is a storage space shared between all players in a guild. Any guild member may deposit items into the guild bank, but only members of a guild rank with the proper permission may withdraw items. The guild bank must be unlocked before it can be used. To unlock it, a guild must be level 30 and unlock at least one level of the Guild Bank Expansion skill.

War Edit

See the Guild War page for more information.

Guilds can participate in Guild versus Guild (GvG) battles. Once war is declared, for up to 24 hours, the competing guilds can attack and kill each other on sight anywhere except in Safe Zones. A guild can be involved in up to three such battles at one time.

Civil Unrest Edit

See the Civil Unrest page for more information.

Guilds can participate in Civil Unrest, sometimes called Guild Wars, which is a PvP activity where guilds fight to defeat each others towers. The last guild tower standing wins[1].

History Edit

The guild system was overhauled in a September 2016 patch [2]. This patch introduced guild skills, a higher guild level cap, guild quests and made it so that the guild bank must be unlocked now.

Previously, guilds were part of TERA's Alliance and Vanarch system.

References Edit

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