The Gunner: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour


High elf gunner using Mana Missiles.

The gunner specializes in various gunner skills and highly depends on such in terms of combat in order to deal damage from long range and attempt to avoid getting hit. Most Gunner skills can only be used while an arcannon is equipped.

There are currently 22 gunner skills which can only be learned by the Gunner, while 18 of them can be learned from the skill menu, Blast, Rolling Reload, Gun Enthusiast, and One with the Gun are gained automatically upon character creation.

All of the active skills except for Command: Stay/Follow can be enhanced with a glyph with the total glyph cost up to 55 points, depending on the character's level.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Blast Blast 1 Fire a shot which explodes on impact or up to 20m away.
Rolling Reload Rolling Reload 1 Dodge enemy attacks and eliminate the cooldown for Scattershot. Cancels all skill animations except for that of Balder's Vengeance. You are not immune to damage while rolling.
Gun Enthusiast Gun Enthusiast
1 Increases Movement Speed by 50% for 5 seconds after dealing a fatal blow. Adds 100 Willpower, if level 10 or above.
One with the Gun One with the Gun
1 After level 10, a gunner gains Willpower by defeating enemies, which is used to power Burst Fire, Bombardment, and Balder's Vengeance. Willpower can be stored for up to 60 seconds, after which is decays rapidly. Damaging an enemy restarts this countdown.
Scattershot Scattershot 2 Fire a spread of five penetrating shots at enemies within 20m. Gain 20 Willpower for each successful hit, up to a maximum of 100 Willpower.
Arc Bomb Arc Bomb 4 Lob a bomb up to 14m, which can bounce up to three times before exploding. On striking an enemy, the bomb generates 20 Willpower and explodes, stunning nearby enemies.
Time Bomb Time Bomb 6 Fire a shot that explodes on impact or up to 20m away, leaving behind a Time Bomb that detonates two seconds later. Enemies near a Time Bomb are slowed, and the secondary detonation blasts any surviving enemies into the air. Gain 20 Willpower on a successful hit, and 40 Willpower from the secondary detonation. The Time Bomb does not lift bosses or elite monsters.
Burst Fire Burst Fire 10 Fire a penetrating shot affecting up to three enemies in a line up to 20m away. Holding down the skill button continues firing as long as you have Willpower. Each successive shot has increased skill damage and chance to crit. Enemies hit are slowed (no effect on bosses).
Mana Missiles Mana Missiles 12 Launch a weaving pair of missiles up to 30m. Each missile that strikes an enemy explodes, with a high chance of knockdown and generating 20 Willpower. Charging the skill creates three additional missiles.
Retaliate (Gunner) Retaliate (Gunner) 12 Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked-down. You become briefly immune to knockdown, stagger, and stuns.
Point Blank Point Blank 14 Swing your arcannon to attack enemies within 7m. Press the skill button again to fire a second shot which moves you back.
Replenishment Replenishment 16 Replenish 300 MP and 100 Willpower. May eliminate cooldowns for Scattershot and Arcane Barrage (50% chance for each).
Rocket Jump Rocket Jump 18 Spin and fire at the ground, damaging nearby enemies and propelling yourself in whatever direction you are facing. Use during Rolling Reload for additional distance.
Arcane Barrage Arcane Barrage 22 None Fire an energy pulse that damages all enemies in a line up to 22m. Press the skill button again to detonate the pulse, damaging and knocking down enemies in a wide radius with a high chance to crit and gaining Willpower. If used within 40m of a summoned HB construct, the HB fires five Electric Bombs at the detonation point.
HB HB 28 Summon a construct to aid you. HB damages nearby enemies when summoned. When you are nearby and below max HP, HB aims a healing ray at you. Command: Stay/Follow, Command: Recall, and Command: Self-Destruct work while HB is active and within 40m. If you move more than 60m from HB, it will teleport to your side. Lasts up to 30 minutes.
Command-StayOrFollow Command: Stay/Follow 28 Order your HB construct to stay in place or to begin following you again. The HB will automatically teleport to your side if you move more than 60m away.
Bombardment Bombardment 34 Press the skill button once to target an area within 25m, then press the skill button again to launch a volley of eleven shots with a high chance of stagger. Gain 100 Willpower for each successful hit.
Command-SelfDestruct Command: Self-Destruct 40 Order your summoned constructs to detonate, damaging and stunning enemies within 4m. You must be within 40m of a construct to issue this command, and can do so even if knocked-down or using another skill.
ST ST 46 Summon a construct to aid you in combat. Throw ST at a spot within 18m, and it will continually attack enemies within 18m for 45 seconds. Command: Self-Destruct works while ST is active.
Command-Recall Command: Recall 52 Travel in a straight line to your HB construct, passing through enemies without effect. You must be within 40m to use this skill. Can be used while knocked-down or using another skill.
Balder's Vengeance Balder's Vengeance 58 Deal damage to all enemies in front of you, up to 30m, with a very high chance to crit. You are invulnerable while using this skill.
Emergency Barrier Emergency Barrier
61 Shields the gunner from a fatal attack from monsters. Consumes 1000 MP and lasts 6 seconds or until the shield absorbs a certain amount of damage. Emergency barrier will only activate once every 5 minutes.