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Hauberks are a part of the Metal Armor set, worn by berserkers and lancers. The set also includes a pair of gauntlets and a pair of greaves. The Metal Armor set provides the highest possible defense and balance modifiers, allowing the wearer to maintain high defensive capability.

Hauberks can be obtained from various methods, including NPC shops, other players via direct trade or via the Brokerage, enemy drops, reward from quests, or crafting through the skill Armorcrafting.

List of Hauberks[edit | edit source]

Level 1 - 10[edit | edit source]

Level 11 - 20[edit | edit source]

Level 21 - 30[edit | edit source]

Level 31 - 40[edit | edit source]

Level 41 - 50[edit | edit source]

Level 51 - 60[edit | edit source]

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